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Business Team Building Activities to Consider After COVID

Business Team Building Activities to Consider After COVID

Healthy relationships between employees are the foundation of a robust and well-founded company culture. Actually, 88% of employees and 94% of executives consider such relationships very critical when it comes to business success. If you’ve been thinking of boosting collaboration and other skills like creativity and problem solving among your employees, then instituting team building activities would be a great decision.

While you may not be able to execute many team building activities today due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, it’s always a good idea to plan for them in advance so that you’re only left with implementing them when the virus is eventually controlled. Here’re some of the best team building activities to consider after COVID-19.

Playing an Exciting Ice-Breaker Game

After COVID-19, you’ll need an activity to break the ice and build relationships among your teams. “What’s My Name” is one amazing game that can help you achieve that easily, especially because it doesn’t require complicated rules or competitiveness.

To play, get a pen and post-it notes, and write down the name of a popular person. Attach the label on your team members’ foreheads or backs to keep them from seeing the names, while allowing everyone else to see them. When a participant is right about who the person attached to them is, they should exit or play again.

To make it more interesting, ask the team members to address each other as they would the person written on the note. For instance, if a participant has a king written on their note, the team members can curtsy or bow to show respect.


Participating in volunteering activities is one of the best ways for people to bond. It creates opportunities for different departments to collaborate and use their hidden skills while giving back. There are many projects you could get involved in post-COVID-19 pandemic, and some of them include preparing and serving lunch to homeless children, writing and sending cards to troops working overseas, distributing supplies to selected rescue centers, and planting trees in your neighborhood.


After the COVID-19 pandemic, many of your employees are likely going to appreciate any effort from you to get them away from the office. Organizing a camping trip would be a great way to help them enjoy the great outdoors and create strong relationships. Camping is widely known as one of those activities that boost communication among team members as well as creativity and problem solving skills. These qualities should come naturally when the teams have to utilize limited resources and stick together to survive. There are great camping sites you can enjoy in every state, and all you need to do to get one is conduct a simple online search with your location as part of the phrase. For instance, you can look up “camping in upstate NY” or your particular locale if you want to find a great place.

Building a Raft Together

If your employees are up for something more physically demanding, then this activity that involves building a raft could work. This activity is great for encouraging teamwork, leadership, communication, and hard work among team members. Simply divide your team into three or more groups, and ask each member to contribute to build a raft that floats within a certain period of time. Let them research and come up with the easiest methods and cheapest materials to create a simple raft, and then work as a group to construct it.

After the set period of time, say 24 hours, go out and test the different rafts out together. The group that presents the best raft in terms of cost, efficiency, and aesthetics wins.

Exercising Activities

The pandemic restrictions have made it difficult for many people to maintain healthy routines, which include exercising regularly. Therefore, your employees would appreciate a small exercise routine after the pandemic. You can dedicate two hours every Wednesday afternoon to simple, low-intensity exercises, such as Yoga, and encourage your employees to join.

Not only will exercising together break up your employees’ day with something good for their health, but it will also help them bond and stay emotionally, physically, and mentally healthier.


Looking for something engaging and exciting for your employees to take part in when the pandemic is over is a great idea. Although the activities may seem simple, they can help grow your business tremendously, as they boost the most important qualities any workplace requires, such as collaboration, creativity, good health, and employee loyalty.

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