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5 Great Corporate Team Building Trip Ideas

5 Great Corporate Team Building Trip Ideas

Have you noticed that the atmosphere in your workspace is going a little stale? It might be time to organize a team building trip to inject some life back into the company. Having disgruntled employees is not a good look for any business, as it can affect work performance or lead to breakdowns in professional relationships. Team building trips bring people together outside of the work environment and enable them to get to know each other better while fostering a healthy degree of teamwork and collaboration. Here are five great corporate team building trips that you can organize for your company:

Cooking Classes

Although restaurant kitchens can be some of the highest-pressure environments you’re likely to experience, getting your team together for some cooking classes is a fantastic way to bond outside of the office. On top of that, it could be interesting for staff to learn valuable lessons from how a successful kitchen is run, as teamwork and accountability are very important in this area of work. Cooking in a team requires each member to have their own set of responsibilities and it also encourages creativity. If you want to treat your workers to an extra special trip, then you could always head overseas for some cooking classes, where you would learn to create tasty dishes against the backdrop of stunning locations.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are becoming increasingly popular these days, particularly during the summer when the sun is out. The goal of a typical scavenger hunt is to retrieve a selection of unusual items from a list. This is often carried out by two or more opposing teams. The winner is declared when either a team has retrieved all of the items or a team that has found the most of these items after the time is up. In most instances, there are certain rules that prohibit any team from purchasing the items, which is where problem-solving and teamwork really come into play. Not only that, but scavenger hunts also require strong leadership and are great for boosting morale.

Go Kart Racing

A high-octane activity could be the perfect way to pull your employees out of a slump and get them smiling again. Go-kart racing is one such activity that is both incredibly fun and a surefire way to get the adrenaline pumping! Getting your team together for exciting and competitive activities will make your workers feel more engaged with the company and they’re likely to develop greater loyalty as well. It’s well documented that competition can be healthy, as it motivates people and prevents them from becoming complacent, which is why go-kart racing makes the perfect activity for a day of team building.

Volunteer Work

Philanthropy is definitely on the rise in the corporate world, and it’s very easy to see why.  Volunteer work is a win-win situation for everyone involved, as you get to contribute to a good cause while spending some quality bonding time with your staff. The act of doing good for others releases endorphins in the brain, and over 76% of US adults have stated that volunteering has made them feel physically healthier, while 78% have experienced a reduction in stress. Your employees are more likely to get on better as well, as the barriers of professionalism and hierarchy are discarded temporarily for the sake of good. Volunteering imbues a sense of positivity among your workforce, creates wonderful memories that you can share, and boosts your company’s reputation.

Escape Room

If you’re after a stimulating activity for smaller groups, then look no further than an escape room. Escape rooms are popping up all over the globe, and make for an interesting and engaging day out. On first glance, they may seem like ordinary rooms, but teams will have to find a way out of them by finding clues, solving puzzles and unraveling brain teasers in the span of one hour. Many escape rooms come with unique themes such as a zombie apocalypse, a prison, or sometimes movie themes. There are some venues that let you create your own custom-made room beforehand! Many companies like to book escape rooms because they promote time management, collaboration, and problem-solving, all of which are invaluable skill sets in the workplace.

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