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Top Games to Skyrocket your Remote Team’s Productivity

Top Games to Skyrocket your Remote Team’s Productivity

Building a healthy, happy, productive team is easier when you all work in the same office, but what if you all work remotely? Team building becomes much harder when you rarely see one another. Occasional team building events can bring a team together, but how do you keep that going after the event? By playing games, that’s how.

We all know that a happy staff is a productive staff and game-playing is one of the best team building activities ever. Games bring people together, encourage a sense of competition, collaboration, and teach you how to focus your mind. In addition, the time spent giving your brain a rest from work can increase productivity significantly.

Online games are abundant, and there are plenty that you can play with your team buddies; following extensive research, we can now recommend these team building games for you and your remote team.

Top Online Games to Promote Productivity

 We’ve researched and tested hundreds of games, and we found these games to be the best for providing respite from work and boosting productivity:

Jackbox Party Pack Fibbage

Designed for 3 to 12 people, Fibbage is similar to Balderdash where team players have to make up false, but plausible and funny answers to trivia questions. Played using any video chat platform that lets you share screens, your entire team can take part through chat and video. Each new game requires all players to enter a unique code to enter the game room, and it’s proven to be a whole lot of fun. You can even set up monthly competitions, keeping score, and giving prizes for the highest score.

The game teaches you how to think on your feet, get creative, and build up team relationships. It works on all platforms, and the price depends on which platform you are on.

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE is the mobile version of the popular Microsoft game. While many people see it as a solo game, you can play in a team and make it a group effort. The idea is to build your world, explore, hunt, mine, even go diving for resources. And when it comes to fighting off the monsters, what’s better than making the battle a real team effort?

All team members will need to install ACMarket on their Android mobile devices. This is a third-party app installer that offers a huge choice of apps and games, including Minecraft PE:

  1. Install ACMarket using the linked guide
  2. Open it and run a search for Minecraft PE
  3. Tap the app and then tap Install
  4. Wait; when it’s done, you can all enter the world of Minecraft and set up your team.

The game is ideal for boosting creativity, and getting people to share ideas and work together on building something that works.


Played with two teams of at least three players each, the online version of Taboo is played via Google Hangouts or Skype. The idea is to describe a word to your team without using any of the given words in your description. Correct guesses mean points and the highest-scoring team at the end of the game is the winner.

It’s a fun game that boosts vocabulary recall, verbal communication, and creativity, and is free to play on any web browser.


Similar to Taboo, this game is played with two teams of at least three players each. The idea is to describe a word or phrase using n0n-verbal communication only. Played via a video-sharing app, the game can create a lot of fun and laughs and is a great game for bringing the shy people in the team out of their shells a little.

The game is free to play on any web browser and boosts non-verbal communication skills significantly.

Miniclip Pool

A one-on-one game, Miniclip Pool is browser-based and allows teams to bond over a quick game or even a competition between team members. It’s a game that allows you to chat while you play, is pretty casual, and a great way of winding down from work for a while. It’s also the ideal way to get together in one-on-one meetings.

It is free to play on any web browser; all players must log in to the game room on their own computer.

A game for between 2 and 8 people is Pictionary, but online. It’s simple to play; one team member tries to draw a picture describing a word they are given, and the rest of the team has to work out what it is. You can play without video, but the audio is a requirement. Drawing is a great way of communicating and sharing ideas, and this game boosts creativity significantly. It also boosts collaboration and is great for both artists and non-artists on the team, giving people more confidence to share their ideas.

Thanks to all these cool games, team-building with a remote team is now much easier and much more fun than it ever used to be. Most people groan at the thought of having to attend team-building events but doing it this way is great for all team members, regardless of personality and skill.

Try these games with your team today and follow us on Facebook for loads more cool tips.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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