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How Startups Can Retain the Best Remote Employees

How Startups Can Retain the Best Remote Employees

Over the past few years, more and more employers have switched from a traditional office working environment to a remote setup. It is a practice where employees work from the comfort of their homes or any other convenient place other than the physically designated business office.

There are many reasons why you would want to work with remote employees. To name a few, remote workers are more productive. Second, you can hire employees from any location. Third, it reduces overhead costs. And lastly, it helps save a lot of time.

There’s no doubt that finding remote workers allows you to get the top talents in the market. However, retaining such workers isn’t always easy. They’re always ready to find other employment opportunities. The good news is that you can keep remote workers by enhancing virtual corporate experiences.

In addition to that, here are some other strategies you can implement to retain the best remote employees.

Appreciate Workers

If you want to retain remote workers, it’d be a good idea to appreciate them. It involves commending their excellent works in small or big undertakings. You can show your appreciation to them to make workers feel valued. For that reason, they’ll likely remain connected to your brand.

There are several strategies you can consider to appreciate your remote workers. For instance, you can offer monetary incentives to the most hardworking and best-performing workers.

Another way to appreciate remote workers is by funding their tours and annual parties. You can also consider offering shopping vouchers to them. Appreciating the best remote workers makes them feel honored and will likely encourage them to continue working for your business.

Set Realistic Goals

Setting high standards for remote workers is a good idea. It encourages workers to aim higher. For that reason, they’ll likely enhance their productivity.

Setting high standards for employees is one of the best ways to grow your company faster. However, you shouldn’t go to the extent of creating unrealistic goals.

Having unrealistic goals can disappoint your workers, especially when they fail to achieve them. Such workers can even lose self-confidence and develop a negative attitude towards your company. And if you’re not careful, you can lose some of your best remote workers.

On the other hand, setting realistic goals promotes the experience of workers. It goes a long way in encouraging them to remain working for your business. You might not lose your best remote workers if you set realistic goals.

The best way to set realistic goals is to break your objectives into smaller and measurable chunks. Doing so encourages workers to continue working and they are less likely to leave your company.

Offer Competitive Benefits

The economy of most nations has continued to decline over time. For that reason, people are experiencing inflation, especially when purchasing goods and services.

Despite the increase in the price of commodities, it’s surprising to note that most companies never consider raising their workers’ salaries. If you’re one of them, you’ll likely experience a high employee turnover rate. You could have avoided that by offering competitive pay and other benefits. Therefore, if you want to retain your best remote workers, make sure you’re offering reasonable compensation compared to other companies in the industry. This way, you can keep your employees, and they will not find a better-paying company.

Hire the Right Team

Losing workers can cost you a lot of money. You’ll have to hire new ones and train them, and it will hurt your company’s finances. Avoid that by finding the right remote team from the start.

Here, the right team means workers that are passionate about working with your organization. They should also appreciate your company’s values and culture. The right team will likely feel comfortable working for your business for an extended period.

Provide Training and Development Opportunities

The world of technology is evolving faster than before. Some trends, tools, and applications used a few years ago might not be helpful today. For that reason, companies are installing new tools to their systems now and then.

Your remote workers might not be conversant with any tool you purchase for your business. If you fail to orient them to such a system, they might feel discouraged and disappointed. So, they might consider leaving your company.

One of the best ways to retain the best remote workers is by providing training and development opportunities. It allows them to learn about working with your new tools. Doing so enhances workers’ efficiency and enables you to retain them.


Finding the best remote workers isn’t always easy. Such workers are always in high demand and even when you’re lucky to hire a few of them, there comes another big challenge. That’s how to retain them. You can implement the strategies discussed in this article to keep the best remote workers to grow your company.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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