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All the Reasons Why Maintaining Workplace Safety Matters

All the Reasons Why Maintaining Workplace Safety Matters

It’s true that some industries pose more danger than others, but any workplace can be hazardous. According to statistics on, 340 million job-related accidents occur every year, and an additional 160 million workers fall sick while on the job. Maintaining healthy and safe workplaces has become a top priority for many organizations worldwide because a safe working environment boosts productivity and efficiency significantly.

While everyone in the workplace must take necessary measures to protect their own health and safety, employers hold more responsibility in creating a safe working environment. Under occupational health and safety laws, business owners must do everything, including risk assessment and safety training to protect the wellbeing of their employees. Keep reading to learn all about maintaining workplace safety as a new employer, and why it matters.

Increased Employee Retention

When you keep the workplace healthy and safe, employees feel valued and cared for because they don’t have to worry about getting injured or sick while on the job. As a result, they become more engaged and commit their time and effort to helping you achieve your business objectives. With that said, identify potential health and safety risks that may cause accidents or illnesses in your new organization. Then, create an effective workplace safety plan to protect your employees’ wellbeing. Other steps you should take to keep the workplace safe and keep the best talent include providing occupational health and safety training to all staff members and encouraging workers to wear protective gear when working.

Protect Company Funds

The latest workplace safety index report by Liberty Mutual reveals that work-related injuries cost businesses about $58 billion annually. So whether you’re launching a small business or multinational enterprise, your organization could get into financial problems if an employee is injured or falls sick while on duty. However, knowing your role in ensuring the workplace is safe can save you financial and legal problems.

Based on legal advice by JJS Justice attorneys, victims of high stake injury cases like workplace accidents should sue those responsible so they can be held accountable. With the help of legal experts, employees can secure a significant amount of settlement to cover medical treatment expenses and lost wages, leading to financial implications in your business. As a new employer, make sure you follow workplace safety regulations set by the federal and safety authorities. This includes providing safety guidance, inspecting machines and equipment to ensure they are safe to work with, and monitoring that work environments and practices comply with safety standards.

Improve Employer Branding

Another benefit of understanding your responsibility in keeping workplaces safe as a new business owner is improved employer branding. Typically, employers who don’t take the right measures to maintain safety in their organizations develop a poor reputation, which negatively affects their employer branding and talent acquisition strategies. Not to mention customers, competitors, and the public consider such brands to be unprofessional.

If you’re new in business, understanding your duties in keeping your job site safe is key to protecting company funds. When you enhance safety in your organization, you also witness employee retention, a high level of productivity, and enhanced brand reputation. Moreover, the chances of being sued by employees are reduced significantly.

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