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Reasons Why You Need a Franking Machine for Your Business

Reasons Why You Need a Franking Machine for Your Business

Despite the advancement of new information and communication technology, standard mail still remains relevant to certain businesses; however, postage rates can be costly depending on the type of mail that you are sending. One way to overcome this challenge is to use a franking machine. Here are some of the reasons why you need a franking machine for your business.

What is a Franking Machine?

A franking machine helps you print postage stamps, your marketing message, and your brand logo on outgoing mail to both save you money and highlight your brand image. There are different types of franking machines that are designed to suit different types of businesses. For instance, you can consider a home office machine or a large office machine. The size of the franking machine you choose all depends on the size of your business.

Before buying a franking machine, you should know how they work and have as much information and knowledge about them as possible. Do your research to find a reliable supplier for your shipping to ensure that your franking machine is in perfect condition when you receive it.

Advantages of Using Franking Machine

Instead of using a postage stamp, franked mail consists of a frank mark that you can print directly onto the envelope or parcel after you select a mail service and logo. The machine then automatically weighs each letter to determine the postage price. When you have franked your mail, you can place it in a PO box, take it to your nearest post office, or request that the postal service or courier company pick up your mail.

Saves Time

Saved time is another reason why your business should have a franking machine. When you have a franking machine, preparing your mail will feel more like operating your own mini post office. In the process, you will avoid waiting in line for stamps and the general inconvenience of the post office. In other words, a franking machine saves you time concerning the management of your mail.

Discounted Rates

Additionally, a franking machine is good for your business because it gives you access to discounted postal services. For instance, you can get an automatic discount, which correlates with the size of the item posted, on each package or letter that you post. You can also get bulk discounts if you are sending many items at the same time.

Another advantage is that a franking machine can take the place of buying physical stamps every few weeks, which saves money, and it can also help you quickly adapt to postal rate changes so stamps don’t go to waste. The machine allows you to print the exact amount of postage credit that you may need for a particular period.

Helps Branding and Promotion

Branding and promotion are key components of any marketing strategy as they create an identity for your business and they also make your brand visible to many potential customers. Franked mail can help you achieve this goal effortlessly. With a printed marketing message and logo on your mail, your postage will look more professional and the recipients of your franked mail will be impressed by the details on the envelope.

For every item you send, a franking machine offers you a great opportunity to promote your business. This kind of indirect marketing helps you save money, especially if your business operates on a small budget for its marketing programs.

Improved Security

Another advantage of using a franking machine in your business is its security. You have full control over the machine, and you can effectively manage your mail expenses. You can also control the amount of money that you would like to spend on mail during a specific period, which, in general, helps you streamline the entire mailing process.

Standard mail remains an indispensable component for various businesses, but the cost of postage can be too high in some instances. To minimize postal costs, you can get a franking machine for your business, which earns you discounted rates on many postal services. In short, a franking machine is convenient and efficient money-saving option for all businesses.

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