The Effectiveness of Advertising with Site Hoardings

Site hoardings may be very practical in terms of the way they keep members of the public out of a construction site, but they have many benefits from the perspective of visual marketing to offer, too. Of course, hoardings prevent people from seeing into a site and help to minimize the amount of dust and noise that would otherwise escape into the local environment, but that … [Read more...]

How to Start an E-Commerce Business the Right Way

E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing industries. It’s also a great way to make money by starting your own business. The growth of an e-commerce business is not something a smart entrepreneur should ignore. The industry has been growing rapidly in the last few years, especially after the start of the pandemic. While traffic in traditional and strip malls declined for fear … [Read more...]

Coffee Shop Owners, Here Are 3 Marketing Strategies from Starbucks

When you hear the word “coffee shop,” a typical person will likely mention Starbucks. After all, this Seattle brand is the biggest in the world today with over 30,000 stores globally as of 2020. It wouldn’t have reached this status, though, without some brilliant marketing strategies that truly work. So even if you’re a coffee shop owner who doesn’t aspire to be the next … [Read more...]

3 Contemporary Strategies That Can Help Expand Your Small Business

As a new entrepreneur, you may be wondering how you can expand your business. You want your products to reach as many people as possible, but maybe you feel like you’ve exhausted all marketing strategies. To be successful, you need to make as much of a profit as you can, but it also needs to be on a consistent basis. Two things you’ll definitely want to do are to attract new … [Read more...]

5 Simple Ways to Help Your Business Stand Out

In today's climate, there are millions of businesses across many different industries. With the oversaturation of the market, you must find a way for your business to stand out. There are many different ways to do so; here are five simple ways you can help your business stand out. A Strong Social Media Presence Social media is the most prominent way of connecting with people. … [Read more...]

Brand Clarity Expert Shares Branding Mistakes and Offers Tips for Building a Stronger Brand as a Solopreneur

If you’ve followed The Successful Solopreneur column for any length of time, you know I love a good business book. Who needs crime or romance when you can read about how to grow your business or learn effective ways to differentiate yourself from others in the market? I’d rather take the latter any day. Well, one of my latest reads is Personal Brand Clarity: Identify, … [Read more...]

How Branding Can Make or Break Your Business

When you think of starting a business, you would imagine people swarming in to snatch up your products. But, what makes a product in demand on the market? The answer is branding. Branding is an important factor in making your business successful. It connects all aspects of your business from the identity of products and the vision, to the story, target audience, and … [Read more...]

Does Your Business Need a Trademark (and How Do You Register One?)

A trademark allows you to protect the key elements of your business from being misappropriated by malicious third parties, and all of the world’s best-known brands make use of the associated legislation to prevent others from piggybacking on their good reputations. The question is, should your business leverage the same laws by registering a trademark, and how do you go … [Read more...]