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How to Advertise Your Business After Cutting Your Marketing Budget

How to Advertise Your Business After Cutting Your Marketing Budget

Whether you saw budget cuts coming or you have been impacted by something unexpected like COVID-19, you still have to find a way to advertise and market your business. To help you out, here are five ways you can advertise your business even after your marketing budget has been slashed.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is a very cost-effective way to advertise your company, and in many cases, you can see results without having to spend any money at all. Look to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter as options for social media advertisement and find the one that works the best for your business’ needs.

When you utilize social media, make sure to incorporate graphics, photos, and videos into your posts along with concise and compelling written content. In addition to that, always include a call to action with your social media posts. If you are not doing that, then you are not going to get the most out of your social media efforts.

Use Inflatable Tube Men

You might have seen the colorful and attention-grabbing inflatable tube men on street corners and outside of businesses in your community. If you have come across them, then you have experienced firsthand their ability to grab people’s attention.

No matter your budget you can find an inflatable tube man, aka an air dancer, that will work for you and your company. Not only are they affordable, but you will also find them easy to get up and running. Consider the use of one of the products if you want to see immediate and long-term advertising results.


When your marketing budget has been cut, you need to focus on increasing your networking opportunities, and you also need to be certain that you make the most out of those opportunities.

To increase your networking opportunities, make sure that you are aware of local chamber events and other professional get-togethers and plan well in advance for you or a representative from your company to attend. Word of mouth marketing has long been considered the most effective way for a company to advertise. This means that you need to be utilizing this method of advertising more than ever since it is both effective and cheap.

Earned Media

Another way you can get in front of a lot of people and grab their attention is through earned media. Earned media is free, and there are many ways to accomplish it. One method could include finding a community involvement project that your business can partake in, then asking a local reporter to come out and cover your team’s service project. The goal with earned media is to position yourself in a way that makes people see your company as the expert in your industry so that they will take their business to you should they need the services you offer. If you are going to utilize this method of advertising make sure you understand the basics and that you have someone on your team who can be responsible for it.

Interact with Online Reviews

More than ever before, customers can take to the internet to share their favorable or unfavorable opinions about a business, and this is not just the ability to rate your business, but to leave comments and stories about their experience. Hopefully, this has not been the case for you, but some companies have to deal with online reviewers providing way too many details. Whether factual or not, those details can hurt your business.

You should already be doing this, but you need to be certain you are on top of your online reviews. Always take time to interact with your reviewers, because not only can you address any incorrect reviews or address valid complaints, but you can also show appreciation for your reviews. Ongoing engagement with online reviews improves your SEO which means better advertisement for your business through your website.

Before reading this article, you might have had some concerns about how to fund your marketing efforts for your business, but as you can see, your company does not have to be impacted by those cuts. Turn to one or more of the suggestions above, and you can still successfully advertise your business without breaking the bank.

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