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How to Reduce the Amount of Negative Space in Your Office

How to Reduce the Amount of Negative Space in Your Office

Removing negative space in the office is by far one of the best ways to boost the morale of the office and make the space much more welcoming. Whether it is painting on the walls or adding plants, spicing up your office space can all help to make your office space more welcoming for visitors and employees. In this article, we will be looking into how you can remove negative space in the office.

Add Decals to Your Room

If you are looking to customize a brand-new office space, then adding decals to the wall is a great way to do so. By adding a sticker of your brand name and slogan, you can make the office space stand out. These can be added to the walls and are easily removable should you want to change it out later.

Customize the Office with Wall Art

In addition to adding decals to the walls, there is also an option to customize the office with custom artwork. Whether it is a painting from local artists or cheap canvas wall art, art can be a great conversation starter and make your employees feel more comfortable. The use of canvas prints in the office is ideal as they can help to dampen echoes to make the office feel less hollow and more homey.

Add Plants to The Office Space

In addition to adding wall art to the office, you can also make the most out of adding plants to the office. This can not only help to improve the air quality in the office, but it can also help to separate the different areas of the office. Having large plants as dividers is a great way to do this without making spaces feel closed off and isolated. Simply adding tabletop plants or even large potted plants is an easy way to ease the minds of your employees and bring them a little bit of nature in the office.

Showcase Your Experience

Showcasing your experience by displaying your certificates and achievements is great for the morale of your employees and demonstrates to your customers that you are an excellent business to work with. Whether you do this by putting your trophies on the shelf or framing your certificates, showing off your business’ experience can help to bring the morale of the business up and can help get rid of negative space of your office’s walls.

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