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5 Surprising Benefits to Partnering with an Office Decommission Firm

5 Surprising Benefits to Partnering with an Office Decommission Firm

Is your next corporate migration a voluntary move, or do you have to increase your real estate footprint to hit de-densification goals? In either case, you’ll want to contact an office decommission firm to help you undertake this challenging goal. As an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional liquidation services, they offer a turnkey service that combines resale, in-kind donation, and recycling of your used office furniture.

Here are five benefits to making the switch.

Selling Your Assets

It’s easy to think of your used office furniture as a loss, but just because it’s no longer valuable to you doesn’t mean it can’t have a second life in another office somewhere.

An established office decommission firm will have partnerships with companies that buy used office furniture all over the country. They tap into this network whenever possible to sell your assets at fair market value. Compare this to a conventional office liquidation service, which sends your equipment straight to the dump on your dime. Not only will you save landfill tipping fees by using sustainable decommission methods, but you’ll get some money to offset the costs of the decommission and the removal of older unusable items from the sale.

Eco-Friendly Disposal Methods

Look at your cubicles, ergonomic chairs, and desks — they’re made of a composite of materials, many of which are toxic to the environment if not disposed of properly. If you have broken pieces with no resale value, a decommission firm will advise you on how to recycle these items properly, so they don’t leak toxins into the landfill. More still, this process will reintroduce recyclable materials into the manufacturing cycle.

By diverting furniture waste (or f-waste) from the landfill, you can harness these eco-benefits to hit sustainability targets. If your corporation has (or is looking to earn) a LEED certification, your involvement with an environmentally friendly firm may help you earn LEED points and rise through the ranking system.

PR Opportunities

Depending on your inventory, you’ll probably have plenty of items that aren’t salable or recyclable. While another company may not be willing to buy these items, they don’t belong at a recycling facility either. Thankfully, a sustainable decommission specialist service has a network of non-profit organizations that will gladly take these items off your hands as donations.

When you donate your office equipment like this, you gain a huge marketing opportunity. You can share these donation stories with customers, colleagues, and stakeholders to show your commitment to the community and support the causes close to your corporation.

Supporting the Circular Economy

In the typical business model, office assets have a short, linear lifespan. It starts in the factory and ends in the landfill, with only a brief time between being used as furniture. This puts enormous pressure on:

  • The environment as it creates more waste
  • Corporations as they have to buy new furniture
  • Manufacturers who have to match this unattainable production pace.

A sustainable decommission helps you break free from this wasteful model by tapping into the circular economy, a new approach that National Geographic says will save the world.

This switch has a ripple effect in the world, affecting every organization involved in the production chain and some that are not. Non-profit charities stand to gain the most when you donate used furniture. Rather than investing money into furniture on their own dime, they can put their programming dollars to better use supporting your community.

Tax Incentives

Your in-kind donation could also be a potential tax write-off. As long as your accounting departments follow the IRS guidelines for appraising the value of your donations, you may deduct this amount from your net income and lower your taxable income.

Bottom Line

While new health and safety standards resulting from the pandemic may force your revitalization or relocation plans, there’s a silver lining to this undertaking. Five of them, in fact! Reap the benefits of all them by partnering with the right decommission firm.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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