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Autonomous Has Changed Office Furniture and is Changing How We Think About Work As Well

Autonomous Has Changed Office Furniture and is Changing How We Think About Work As Well

Aside from overall office aesthetic, comfort and design when it comes to desks, office chairs and other workplace furniture has always been something of an afterthought.  Where utilitarianism takes precedence over style, and durability takes the same over ergonomics and comfort. This lack of comfort unfortunately comes at the cost of productivity, according to numerous studies which examined the effects of ergonomic furniture and temperature on productivity levels. The findings of this research was clear: the more comfortable a working environment is, the more productive employees will be.

So how exactly can a business maximize their comfort levels, and thus their productivity?

Autonomous has the answer. Thanks to their offerings that combine style, ergonomics, utilitarianism and technology to usher in a new technological age of office comfort and productivity. With a range of desks, office chairs and other ‘smart things’ that are comfortable, ergonomic and fully customizable. Autonomous is looking at each and every ‘boring’ office product to reinvent them one by one. The company has even developed robots, like the Ohmni Telepresence Robot, which enables the feeling of hyperreality and fosters connectivity during video calls – an innovation that’s especially essential in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s obvious that our approach in bringing taken-for-granted office furniture into the digital age has changed the tools we use for work,” Says Chi Tran, Chief Marketing Officer at Autonomous. “But it’s also changed the way we think about and approach work – specifically around understanding the impact that the ‘boring’ tools can have when they’re reinvented in new ways. With increased comfort and productivity levels from using a truly ergonomic chair or standing desk, it’s realistic to think that the idea of eight hours at a desk is not as off-putting as it once was.”

The aim of hacking productivity and making work easier via technology was a major motivator when Autonomous was founded in 2015 by a group of people with a firm understanding of both software and hardware. Their first product, ‘Maya’, an innovative robot assistant with the aim to make lives easier, smarter and more convenient brought the founders to their calling. From there, they pivoted their focus to the often-forgotten items we touch and experience every day, starting with desks and chairs.

With a design philosophy that incorporates practical, functional minimalism with user experience, every Autonomous product is designed and built to be intuitive and simple-to-use, while still effective and visually appealing. This is reflected in the simple, sleek lines and technological innovation built into each and every item. While nice to look at, each Autonomous piece is made from high-quality, durable materials that maximize comfort and affordability for the end-user. Quality control is of highest priority, with each product undergoing a strict in-house control process, as well as independent certification from BIFMA on strength and safety.

Aside from their affordability, durability and quality, Autonomous differs from their competitors through their willingness to innovate where others don’t, “We never hesitate to try new things, and when we land on an idea that we like. We work persistently through each step of the design phase to production to ensure that everything, from prototypes, to testing, to general release, to product revisions, are highly considered and deliver the most value. This is reflected in our annual releases of both updated and brand-new innovations, like the gaming chair and children’s desks currently in production. In short: we never rest on our laurels,” says Tran.

It’s this approach that has enabled Autonomous to grow rapidly from their humble, Kickstarter and IndieGoGo beginnings, with the company now reaching 38 countries and serving more than 55,000 clients. But their proudest accomplishment so far, according to Tran “is how we have shifted the focus back to the employee – what they need, what makes them tick, and what environments, gadgets and innovations they need to make them as comfortable and productive as possible. That’s what we’re proud to be doing now, and will continue to do into the future.”

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