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How to Streamline Your Company Fleet In 2020

How to Streamline Your Company Fleet In 2020

Streamlining your company fleet is something that you should always have on your mind because no company is at the point where they can’t be more efficient. Thankfully, it’s often the case that a few small changes will make a big impact on your finances.

Here are three excellent examples of how you can streamline your fleet in 2020. Each of these can be applied quickly and help you make some real savings.

Use Fuels Cards to Help Your Route Planning

Route planning is an obvious way of streamlining your fleet. By ensuring you take the best routes, you can reduce your fuel costs and get more out of your vehicles. Fuel cards are a great way of both improving the way you plan your routes and cutting your fuel costs.

Many fuel cards offered by brands like Esso come with e-route software (or at least have associated apps that provide this) in addition to giving you access to discounted petrol and diesel. This means you can plan your routes based on distance, but also save some cash by making sure you’re close to the cheapest fuelling points.

Make Sure Your Fleet Is the Correct Size

Put simply, it costs a lot of money to buy or rent the vehicles you need for your fleet, and while it makes no sense to leave yourself short on numbers for cars, vans, or HGVs, it’s also nonsensical to pay for vehicles that you aren’t using.

By reviewing the size of your fleet, you can make sure you aren’t wasting money by having more vehicles than you really need. A simple way of doing this is to run a yearly mile check on your vehicles. If you find that your vehicles aren’t traveling as often as they should be, then chances are that you’ll benefit from downsizing your fleet. On the flip side, if you’re doing more miles than you expected then you might be better served by investing in additional vehicles – reducing the strain on the ones you’re currently using.

Get Your Vehicles Serviced to Make Them Last Longer

Vehicles are essential to your fleet; however, they’re also something that can set your business back significantly financially if you don’t look after them. Regular services let you get the most out of your vehicles, helping them to last longer and saving you on repair fees.

If you rent the vehicles you use for your fleet, then you may get a service as part of your rental. If you own your cars, vans, or lorries, then it’ll probably cost you to get them serviced, but it’ll be money well-spent on streamlining your fleet.

The reason for this is that regular services allow you to spot problems with your vehicles before they become serious. This will save you money in the long run by reducing the amount you spend on repairs down the line, along with preserving your vehicles.

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Planning your routes better, operating with the correct sized fleet, and getting your vehicles serviced regularly offer three great ways to streamline your fleet and will save your company money in the short, medium, and long term, as you’ll pay less on fuels, less on repairs, and get more life out of your vehicles.

If these methods aren’t for you, there are other ways for you to streamline your company fleet including using electric cars. Why? Because electric cars are more efficient than ones that run on fossil fuels.

All of these methods are great ways for you to save your company money. All you need to do now is start putting them into practice as soon as possible.

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