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Some International Businesses Still Thriving During COVID

Some International Businesses Still Thriving During COVID

The COVID-19 crisis has been brutal for many businesses; however, some businesses are doing as well as ever. Entrepreneurs that are planning to start new businesses should pay close attention to the companies that are succeeding during this frightening pandemic. By doing this, they can learn quite a bit and choose similar business models that are likely to thrive. Of course, it is possible to make a living from home, but there are other opportunities as well. Some of the companies that are thriving are listed below.

Mount Sopris

The pandemic has made people more risk averse about fulfilling certain desires for luxuries, such as fine dining and recreational activities like amusement parks. However, it has not changed the fact that people have some unwavering needs that must be fulfilled. Energy for heating is one of the needs that cannot be ignored. Logging companies are doing as well as ever during the pandemic.

Companies that provide logistical support and technology for loggers are also doing well. Mount Sopris ( is one of these companies and they are doing well during the pandemic. This is something anybody looking to start a business should consider as there are a lot of businesses that can be built around other business ideas.

Corporate Cleaning Inc.

Carpet Cleaning Inc. is a carpet cleaning company based in Columbus, Ohio. This company told Columbus Business First that their business has done very well during the pandemic.

“We’ve never experienced anything like this before in our lives and especially not in our business,” Crystal Hughey, one of the owners said during the interview. “A lot of people are counting on us being smart and keeping them safe.”

It shouldn’t be a massive surprise that a cleaning company would do well in this environment. The founders said that residential and commercial customers have expressed greater concern about sanitation than ever before. They want to do everything possible to avoid the possibility of spreading COVID-19. Therefore, they have offered very thorough cleaning services to help remove any droplets that would spread the infection.


Slack is a very popular digital communication tool. The company reported that it earned 9,000 paid subscribers between the beginning of February and the end of March. This was an 80% increase from the prior quarter.

The increased customer base is not just concentrated in the United States, either. Slack has been earning customers all over the world. The appeal of services like Slack and Zoom are obvious during the pandemic. Social distancing has become very important as everybody is trying to avoid spreading COVID-19.


Amazon is possibly the company that has benefited the most in the entire world from the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers have been very cautious about social distancing, so they have avoided visiting brick-and-mortar businesses as the fear of contracting COVID-19 was too high.

As a result, customers have returned to Amazon to fulfill purchases that they would normally make at local retail outlets. By the end of April, Amazon sales had increased by 26% and the company reported that it planned to hire another 175,000 employees to handle the growing number of orders.

Vintage Great Wines and Spirits

People have obviously become anxious and depressed during COVID-19, so a number of people all over the world have started consuming more alcohol to lift their spirits. Whether or not this is the healthiest option is up for debate, but that doesn’t change the objective fact that liquor and spirit distributors have succeeded as a result.

One of the companies that has thrived due to this trend is Vintage Grape Wines and Spirits in New York City. The manager told reporters that sales have surged dramatically during the pandemic.


People have different personalities and interests. Some people enjoy engaging in hobbies at home, while others prefer leaving the house and doing things. Before the pandemic, most people had the freedom to pursue their preferred leisure activities. Sadly, COVID-19 has made it a lot harder for people to go outside and enjoy more communal activities. This has encouraged them to partake in more introverted hobbies, such as playing video games.

Gaming companies such as Nintendo have benefited as a result. Lots of people have discovered a newfound love for Nintendo consoles.


Game companies aren’t the only ones that have benefited from the mandatory quarantines. Video streaming services such as Netflix have benefited as well.

During the first weekend of COVID-19, Netflix had to upgrade some of its service to handle the increased load. Customers are still using Netflix and other video streaming services as they are forced to social distance.

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