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4 Major Trends Caused by COVID-19 and How to Respond

4 Major Trends Caused by COVID-19 and How to Respond

Over the last half a year, the whole world has gone through a phase where fear and uncertainty dominate. It was, and still is, quite scary that the state of a global pandemic has altered our mindsets and heavily influenced the way we are thinking. Psychological shifts are a direct response to an unprecedented situation in modern history. Many new trends have developed in every aspect of our lives, and in order to respond to them, we must understand the roots of such behavior. This is especially applicable to business owners because a large portion of these new habits are related to shopping.

Change of Platforms Used

The fact is that since the beginning of March people are spending more time online. This is perfectly understandable, since that month brought most countries around the world into a lockdown state with movement and travel restrictions. As the pandemic started to be a serious global issue, people started panicking, and not without proper reason, to add. Being in isolation and spending much more time by ourselves and with our thoughts only resulted in developing a habit of overthinking. For this reason, while spending that time online, people were not simply using Google, but were more likely to “fall into the rabbit hole” of certain platforms.

What does that mean for a business owner and reaching to their main target audience? Basically, it means that your audience is still somewhere online, but you need to make an effort to find them. A thorough research can help you increase your revenue levels, which seems more important than ever, in the sudden collapse of the world economy. We have still not completely recovered from the Wall Street crisis yet, and that is just one of the reasons you can’t allow yourself to lose any existing customers! By any means, find a platform your target audience has been using the most during this period, and properly promote your website on it. We can say this for sure, everyone is spending more time on YouTube, so you should definitely invest in advertisements there.

A Decline in Mobile Traffic

Another thing directly related to the previous point is that due to everyone spending more time at home, there has been a steady decline in users’ mobile traffic. Even though smartphones are an important part of lives, when we are in the presence of other devices with larger screens, such as tablets and computers, we are much more likely to browse on them. For this reason, you need to adapt your promotion and advertisements campaigns during the period of the pandemic. Perhaps you are heavily investing in mobile application advertisements, and while it is usually an amazing way to reach out to new audiences, for now, you should reconsider the approach.

Your conversion rates, as well as the number of visitors, can suffer a decline of the same proportions, for the very reason. If you’ve invested in pay per click advertisements, you should definitely revise your priority for the choice of devices. You can track the changes in your website analytics to see for yourself!

E-commerce Rise

You need to understand how human contact and any visit to any store is now perceived as a possibility of infecting ourselves with a deadly virus. Many companies that don’t offer an option for e-commerce and deliveries were forced to close. You shouldn’t be among them, as e-commerce is definitely the future of shopping, even despite the current crisis. You could even turn this into an opportunity of expansion by investing in the national warehousing services store to offer more products without any additional costs! A large percentage of people have, during the period of emphasizing the importance of social distancing, realized the convenience of e-commerce. Various surveys confirm those people will continue to utilize e-commerce services even after the pandemic is over.

This is why you need to shift the focus of your business to your online store! If you don’t already, it’s high time to create a website and update your company’s profile on all the relevant networks, such as Google Business. Providing your visitors with a catalog and adding an option of one-click ordering will increase both your revenue and customer loyalty levels. Furthermore, to show you are staying on top of all the changes in the world, you need to engage your audience on social networks. Showing empathy and reminding people of your brand will create a positive image for your business, even in the most unfortunate of times.

COVID-19 as a Keyword

It is perfectly understandable that people are curiously searching for everything COVID-19 related. As each day passes, Coronavirus is more and more present in every aspect of our lives, altering it to some degree, and the information is coming from all the sources. But this is not a reason why you shouldn’t use this fact to your advantage. When it comes to search engine optimization, adding phrases such as “Coronavirus” or “COVID-19” to your keywords for blog posts and other types of advertisements will surely increase your brand visibility and website traffic. It is also a way of staying relevant and offering your target audience the latest information both in relation to your company’s activities and some general happenings in the world.

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