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Using Your Local University to Propel Your Brand

Using Your Local University to Propel Your Brand

Branding can be a tricky thing.  You may have a great product, but getting your name out there to the point that it is readily recognized can be difficult.  Many entrepreneurs have a ready population to get the ball rolling without even realizing it.  Whether you are a student or not, local colleges and universities can be extremely helpful.

Office Space

For those that are students, many universities offer a ton of support and encouragement for student entrepreneurs.  Duke University even offers office space for use by students looking to launch their own business.

Alumni and Professors

While anyone could technically take advantage of these resources, students are going to have an easier time tapping into the wealth of knowledge held by those who have gone before them and those who teach them.  This knowledge can be invaluable when it comes to navigating the entrepreneurial landscape.

Sample Population

Anyone looking to make a name for their brand can tap into the ready-made sample population that college campuses offer.  College students love free stuff, and they spread the word.  This makes them ready and willing.  Keep in mind however, that word will spread like wildfire whether it is good or bad, so make sure it is good!

Real Life Example

Tinder, a social app that was just getting off its feet, did this very thing in a very creative, quite ingenious move.  They needed folks to sign up, and they devised the perfect way to achieve just that.  The app lets you see and connect with those around you.  They sent a rep out to college campuses and had her meet with sororities to market the app.  Once she had the girls signed up, she hit the fraternities and showed them all the girls they already knew that were signed up.  The guys were more than ready to jump on board and the rest is history.

Anything you could do in a regular population to launch your brand can be done more efficiently and effectively in a college setting.  While this is not true of all products, as college students will likely not be excited to sample and spread the word about the latest adult diaper, it can work for many products.  From apps to the latest and greatest soda, local colleges and universities can be used to propel your brand to success if utilized to their full potential.

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by Faith Stewart // Wife, mom, and freelance writer that earned a BBA with a major in accounting and spent 10 years working in the field before pursuing her passion for helping small business owners and entrepreneurs through writing.

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