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Master the Art of Achieving Success

Master the Art of Achieving Success

Contrary to popular belief, financial success, or any other kind of success in life, isn’t always about just putting your nose to the grindstone. Instead, achieving success is about aligning your thoughts to create a belief system that supports your achievement of success.

Holding negative thoughts about what you desire — as in “Why is so easy for everyone else? or “How am I ever going to get there?” –and then trying to make up for them by working harder will only keep you spinning your wheels. The art of attaining your career aspirations and, consequently, living a successful life is based on your ability to feel joy and fulfillment now, not after success has been achieved.

Changing your life requires action, but you’ll see the most significant outcome if you take action from an elevated place within yourself. By removing the blinders of resentfulness and self-doubt, you will open yourself to the endless possibilities for your life that are right outside your door.

But to be clear, mastering the art of achieving success is not simply about your mindset; it’s about your mood. There is a very clear distinction between the two that is surprisingly important. You must get out of your head and into your energy to harness the power within you to create your life. It’s not about what your head is saying– It’s all about your energy. So, stop trying to think positive thoughts and allow yourself to be positive.

For example, have you ever noticed that when you’re feeling great, both physically and emotionally, that everything goes well that day? On the contrary, when you feel like you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed, then everything in your day goes badly. This is not an illusion — it’s your energy, vibration and the frequency you are tuning into that are creating this reality.

When you begin to realize that your thoughts create energy and that you are vibrating at a certain level or frequency based not just on the thoughts you are choosing, but instead, how they make you feel, then you’re learning how to master the art of achieving a successful life. When you become aware of how this impacts your life, you begin to realize that you have incredible control over your reality. This is empowering, and you will no longer feel that you’re a victim of circumstances.

Here are some helpful ways to catapult yourself from struggling to actually achieving your goals in a positive way:

State Goals as if They’re Achieved

When you think about a goal, put it in the context of already being a reality. This will put you in a place of peace, which is a very expansive and elevated frame of mind. Use the term “I am” when stating the goal. For example, instead of saying, “I want to lose weight,” you would think, “I am thin.” Don’t use the word “want” or any word that represents current lack in hopes of future gain. Think of what you’re achieving using words that create a feeling of pride, accomplishment, and joy. Consider saying, “I’m making healthier choices every day that lead to high energy and my perfect weight.” If you live from a positive and expanded place, you’ll attract ideas and opportunities into your life that will enable you to achieve success.

Feel Comfortable with Your Goals

Even though the goals will push you forward, succeeding at them should feel real and possible. For example, if your goal is to be a NASA astronaut, that should be something you can realistically attain. If it’s too far-fetched or feels uncomfortable instead of exciting, then decide on something that you can believe. Positivity, passion, and commitment, of course, are key, instead of stress and struggle.

Remain Open to the “How”

Avoid asking yourself how you’ll achieve the goals. When you ask “how” in your mind, you’re actually coming from a place of not knowing. This again is a place of lack compared to a place of confidence and trust, and it creates a different energy that will stop you from achieving success. Even if you think you know how you’re going to move toward your goals, be open to unexpected solutions or opportunities that present themselves.

Elicit Feelings of Achievement.

Think about and write down why you want to achieve success. Boil your why down until you get to the feeling place. For example, if you have the goal of moving to a new home, you may find that you’re actually pursuing feelings of comfort and security. Use your imagination to elicit the feeling that you’d have if the goal was achieved. This sounds simple, and because it is, you may gloss over this very important step towards achieving success. What does it feel like to achieve your goals? What does success feel like to you? Is it a sense of freedom? Practice visualization as if the goal has already been achieved as this changes your energy and attracts what you want into your life more easily.

When you desire to achieve a more successful life, you can create in your mind the ideal of what you’d like to be and then live with the thoughts and feelings as if it’s already your reality. When this becomes your dominant feeling, positive results are inevitable.

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by Janet McKee // Janet McKee is a speaker, bestselling author, wellness expert and CEO of SanaView. She is one of only 200 elite Certified High Performance Coaches(TM) in the world and inducted as a member of the National Association of Experts, Writers and Speakers. She is author of the new book, Stressless Success: The Surprising Secrets to a Life of Passion, Purpose and Prosperity (Laurel Mountain Publishing, Feb. 1, 2020). Janet created the acclaimed Accelerated High Performance Program and the emPower3 Leadership + Lifestyle Retreats to empower others to break negative patterns and achieve greater success. Learn more at

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