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Big Benefits of a Commercial Generator

Big Benefits of a Commercial Generator

Every business is different, but it doesn’t matter whether you have a small startup or a global enterprise, one thing is absolutely essential to the day to day operations of any company: power. From lighting up offices to preserving company files and being able to effectively serve your customers and clients, a regular and steady supply of power is key for keeping any business alive.

Without power, everything can fall apart, which is why so many businesses choose to invest in measures and preventative plans to help them cope when the power goes out. Outages and low power periods can occur without warning, but having backup commercial generators on stand-by will keep the power flowing and help your company carry on as normal should disaster strike.

With that in mind, let’s look at some key benefits your business could stand to gain from getting a back-up commercial generator.

Preserve Data

In this day and age, many companies are operating digitally, making use of computer networks and devices of all kinds to create and store important files and data. These kinds of systems rely massively on electric power to function at all, and should the power go out, a whole network can come crashing down.

Not only that, but data can be lost in the process if power outages happen without warning. Power losses and surges can damage computers and other devices, potentially doing untold damage to your company, should key data be lost or destroyed. A commercial generator will keep your system alive, giving you a chance to preserve your important files and safely switch off devices.

The Essentials

Even if electrical power doesn’t seem like a big part of your day to day operations, you’ll quickly see how important it is when the power goes out. The bare essentials, like lighting, air conditioning, and security systems, can be instantly deactivated during an outage. Having a backup generator will allow you to keep these essential services going.

This way, even if you choose to close the company down for the day until the main power comes back on, you can still rest assured that your security alarm is active and employees will have safe lighting to guide them out of the building.


For workers in industries like hospitality, even the shortest and simplest of power outages can prove disastrous. Refrigerators and freezers rely on electricity to safely preserve food, so without power, thousands of dollars of supplies can be ruined and wasted.

This same logic applies in other settings too. For instance, many retailers and grocery stores rely on refrigeration technology to preserve their stock and supplies. Having a back-up generator can keep your refrigerators and cold rooms functioning normally, even if the power goes down, reducing waste and minimizing risk of loss for your business.

Continuous Operation

Ultimately, one of the biggest and best benefits of having a commercial generator is that, in many cases, even if the power goes down around you, your company won’t even notice the effects. You’ll be able to carry on as normal.

So, if storms are wiping out power in neighboring buildings or other issues cause cuts nearby, your business will be unaffected, will be able to stay open, will continue to produce products, and you can go on serving your clients. This can give you an edge over the competition, as well as save you from severe losses that could be incurred if you had to close down for the day.

Protecting Machinery and Devices

As stated earlier on, sudden power surges or cuts can do damage to a range of devices, from computers and routers to warehouse machines and manufacturing lines. Many machines simply aren’t built to withstand these sudden, unexpected changes in power.

So, should the power suddenly be affected, your business might suffer much more than a simple momentary outage. Entire production lines can be stopped, and many machines may require repair or replacement, leading to huge additional costs and major delays to your daily operations. With a generator on standby, your equipment won’t be at such a high risk of damage or failure.


It’s clear to see that commercial generators can bring a lot of benefits to every business. It doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in or how big or small your company is; having a reliable back-up source of power can make a massive difference in the short and long-term, helping to protect your files, preserve your equipment, and keep your company running.

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by Harvey Carr // Harvey Carr is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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