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5 Online Business Ideas to Start While on Quarantine

5 Online Business Ideas to Start While on Quarantine

When the Coronavirus reared its ugly head on New Year’s Eve of 2019, it changed the way businesses all over the world operate. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs due to the pandemic and are now struggling financially.

If you are stuck at home, you may have entertained the idea of starting your own online business as a successful online business will be something that requires little or no investment. You should not need a warehouse to store the product that you sell, and you should be able to do the majority of the work yourself.

There are more than a few things people can do online that have proven to be lucrative. So here are five services that you can provide that require minimal planning and investment.

Start a YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel is a fairly easy side hustle that will let you express yourself creatively and have a little fun in the process. It costs nothing to start a YouTube channel, and once your video is live, you can start making money with ads right away.

Makeup artists, vloggers, and game commentators are amongst the most successful YouTubers. As of early 2020, the YouTuber with the most subscribers was PewdiePie who has 105 million subscribers and he comments primarily on video games and other YouTubers’ videos.

Ryan’s World features toy reviews and science experiments by 8-year-old Ryan Kaji. It has over 21 million subscribers and netted over $22 million last year.

Teach a Class or Seminar

Just because you can’t work right now doesn’t mean you can’t use your job skills to make money. If you had a profession before the pandemic, you can teach classes on the skills that you need to succeed in your field.

If you were a bartender, you can teach an online bartending class. If you waited tables, you can teach people how to pair wine with food. If you worked in the entertainment industry, you can teach acting, music, or dance online.

If you worked as a salesperson or in an office, you can give tutorials on how to use software that is commonly used in your profession. You can also teach soft skills such as salesmanship.

Become an Online Writer or Editor

If you have always thought it would be fun to try your hand at writing advertising copy, now is your big chance to break into the business. The demand for Search Engine Optimization writers has gone up in recent months due to an increase in customer traffic to businesses’ websites. Such writers create content for websites and compose articles that are designed to drive traffic to the websites of their clients.

Editors and proofreaders are also needed to clean up the errors of these writers. If you always know where the comma goes or when someone suffers from homonym confusion, this may be the job for you.

Sell T-shirts Online

Have you seen T-shirts at Spencer’s or Hot Topic and thought that you could come up with something just as clever? You can design shirts online and put them on your own website. You can then team up with a t-shirt printing company that can not only print the t-shirts for you but ship them to your customers. These companies will normally charge you for each t-shirt as it is printed and shipped so that there is no overhead cost. They make money when you make money.

Whether you have a sharp sarcastic wit or an inspirational soul, you can start an online t-shirt business with nothing down.

Start a Life Coaching Business

If your friends have always told you that you give great advice, now may be the time to see if you can turn that skill into a profession. People need emotional support these days and they are likely to seek counseling and life coaching.

All you need is a computer, the internet, and some time to get started. People who are living alone for the first time may need someone to talk to, and you might end up truly helping someone and making some much-needed money at the same time.

With COVID-19 cases and deaths still on the rise, it may be a long time before we get back to our normal jobs and lives. So, starting an online business can be an entertaining, profitable, and fulfilling use of your time while life is a little different than normal. If you do it, you will have something new to put on your resume when all of this is over.

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