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9 Instagram Video Marketing Tips You Must Know

9 Instagram Video Marketing Tips You Must Know

If you want to get the most out of Instagram, you should be creating more videos as videos drive the highest engagement on the network. You can also include more information in a video than a still image. Another benefit of creating video content is that you can take advantage of formats such as Reels and IGTV where you can only publish videos.

If you want to get the most out of Instagram videos, here are some top tips you need to know.

Create Short Videos

Instagram only lets you add short videos for reels and stories. So, for these, you will naturally create short videos. For in-feed posts, on the other hand, videos can be up to sixty seconds long. You don’t need to create videos this long, just because Instagram offers the real estate, though. Instead, you should be creating short videos that are less than twenty-six seconds long. As they drive the highest engagement.

So, from now onwards, shorten your videos down to ensure they generate the highest possible engagement.

Publish More Reels

Reels are a new format from Instagram. It was created to help Instagram compete with the popular network, TikTok. They are promoting Reels a lot in both the feed and on the explore page as Instagram wants people to choose its network over TikTok while creating this form of content. There’s even a separate tab for Reels.

Therefore, if you want your videos to get the most views and help grow your Instagram profile, this is the format you need to choose over in-feed posts and IGTV.

Another format you might want to try out more often is Instagram stories as the feed has become highly competitive. Fewer people create story posts, but more people engage with them. Therefore, you can be certain to stand out and generate a ton of engagement from stories.

Accompany Videos with Well-Written Captions

Yes, people mainly watch videos for the video as they are visual learners, who want to consume visual content, but it is necessary to accompany high quality videos with a high quality caption. This is because people will read the caption after they watch the video. It will offer more information and give them some direction on what to do next. You can also include things such as hashtags and tags in the caption, which can increase engagement.

Use Thumbnails

The next step you should take is to add thumbnails to your videos as not everyone will have autoplay turned on. They will see a thumbnail instead of the first few seconds of the video. A thumbnail can make a difference in the number of plays you generate. You should create thumbnails that do two things: attract attention and get people to click the play button.

So, make your thumbnail’s attractive with a lot of colors and pictures. You can get people to take action by teasing them with the content present in the video using a headline or description. You can add the teaser as overlay text.

Get a Good Instagram Scheduling Tool

To consistently publish quality video content on Instagram, you need an Instagram scheduler that lets you publish video content regularly. Not all schedulers let you publish videos. So, make sure you invest in one of the best ones out there.

Make sure they let you schedule all kinds of video posts (stories, reels, IGTV, and in-feed posts).

Always Have a Goal

You need to have a goal for every video you publish. This could be to generate engagement or followers or sales. If you want engagement, you should ask people to like the post or comment on it, for followers, ask them to follow you, and for sales, ask them to buy something. If you want to generate leads, you can ask people to sign up for your email list.

For the best results, ask people to take just one action as using too many calls to action will lead to the paradox of choice and they won’t take any action.

Add a Version of the Video to the Landing Page

If you are using your videos to generate leads or sales, make sure you add a longer version of the video to your website landing page. This will boost the traffic to your website and will increase your conversion rates.

Optimize for Mobile

Most people access Instagram via mobile devices as many features aren’t available on the web version. So, if you want maximum engagement, you should optimize your videos for mobile devices. Always test it on a mobile device after creating it to make sure it plays properly and is easy to watch.

Optimize for Silent Viewing

A large percentage of Instagram’s users will watch your video on mute. If you want more of these people to watch your video too, you should optimize it for silent viewing by adding subtitles that help everyone follow along. Make sure that the subtitles are easy to read even when on mobile.


These are the nine Instagram video marketing tactics you should know. They will help you create content that will accomplish your goals.

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