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SEO Strategies for Gaming Sites: Why Is It Different?

SEO Strategies for Gaming Sites: Why Is It Different?

Online gaming has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment today. Since the internet dominates the gaming industry, most media developers invest in online versions of almost every game known to man. This being the case, it only makes sense for these companies to invest heavily in digital marketing strategies, and out of the many established marketing strategies, SEO is perhaps the most commonly used. Why? Because search engines still play a major role in generating website traffic.

Factors to Consider in Gaming SEO

Like SEO for websites offering products and services, there are unique considerations if you want to increase awareness and traffic for a gaming site. Today, many SEO agencies like Ocere will agree that the following two factors are a must when coming up with an SEO campaign.

Choosing a Gaming NicheThe world of online gaming is segmented into different genres and niches. A gaming site can contain links or portals, merchandise distribution, tips and hacks, as well as regular blog articles. Gaming enthusiasts are quite particular in accessing a gaming site because they often have a specific intent. That’s why a gaming site needs to choose a niche and focus on producing relevant content.

Learn More about the Online Gaming Community

The online gaming community is passionate and driven, which is why it has grown to astronomical proportions. Knowing what goes on in the community, what gamers are talking about, and emerging trends are all keys to a strong SEO strategy.

Lastly, one strategy that every gaming site should utilize is competitor analysis. Analyzing what the competition is doing will give you further insight on topics and trending content that popular gaming sites have published.

Which SEO Strategies Work Best for Gaming Sites?

Now that you know what you should be considering when it comes to gaming site SEO, here are specific strategies that are most suited for a gaming website’s SEO needs.

Video ContentTwitch is one of the most popular gaming websites because of the high-quality video content made by gamers. Every gaming site should also consider streaming videos and posting related content because it appeals to the target audience.

Use Gaming Forums to Build Links

Discussion boards about gaming, as well as forums, are very active online. These platforms allow users to discuss topics such as game cheats and hacks. Taking advantage of these forums to fetch backlinks is an obvious strategy if you’re promoting a gaming site.

Social Media Engagement

Social media isn’t only a platform used to connect and communicate. Gamers use social media channels to build communities where they can interact, post relevant content, and stay updated. If you want to increase traffic for your gaming website, establishing a social media page for your website is an excellent start. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are the most popular when it comes to gaming content.

Lastly, content for gaming sites should be more engaging and unique. Gamers come across plenty of gaming content every day, and yours will need to stand out from the competition. Aside from relevance, it’s always crucial to post content that is updated and trendy.

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