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Car Rental Businesses – What Do They Need to Survive?

Car Rental Businesses – What Do They Need to Survive?

Given the situation created by the pandemic, more and more car rental businesses have had to close their doors and eventually stop their business entirely.

Most people are staying indoors and, on top of it all, refuse to use vehicles that unhygienic people may have used. As such, car rental businesses now need more than just an experienced car accident lawyer for all their issues!

Let’s see what such businesses need to do at the moment to survive and be open for business in 2022 as well!

Always Clean and Disinfected Cars

It goes without saying that to sanitarily rent a car during the pandemic, the vehicle needs to be as clean as the day it left the factory.

Since most people rent cars for long trips, the car rental business will need to do more than wipe the steering wheel and vacuum the seats. They will need to take care of everything that the driver and the passengers might come in contact with.

Retrain Employees

Employees must learn how to keep their distance. Some people may not care that much about distance, but one complaint from someone that really wants to protect themselves against the virus is enough to put a lock on your business’ doors.

Regardless of their opinion on the virus, employees must be trained to respect social distancing, as well as any other COVID-19 guidlines.

Contactless Rentals

This implies that the client does not touch too many things within the rental offices – essentially they will only be in contact with the car that they rent.

As such, businesses need to implement card payments, if they have not already, find a replacement for the signing of documents, or at least instruct clients to bring their own pen and disinfect the car’s keys.

Naturally, in such times, vehicles with contactless ignition and power on/off buttons are preferred as those can be quickly disinfected.

Even Lower Prices

Prices must be really low to persuade someone into renting a car during the pandemic. Keep in mind that most people don’t want to take any chances when it comes to their health!

If lower prices are not possible, include some special offer, like reducing the second or third rental price. This may create some returning customers.

Prices must not only be lower, but also competitive. Other car rentals may take more drastic measures and set their costs extremely low.

Put the Business on Hold – but Not the Cars

As a last resort, every car rental business could put itself on hold and rent cars for community services or local causes, free of charge, of course.

The community and local council will certainly remember your good deed and, if need be, may help you avoid bankruptcy, one way or another.

The Bottom Line

It goes without saying that you should still have an experienced car accident lawyer by your side, even in these times. You never know when you could be sued – a lawyer is vital!

For other issues, you must learn how to adapt yourself and your business to the current scenarios and find a way to navigate through them!

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by Harvey Carr // Harvey Carr is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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