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Most Popular Coffee Business Models

Most Popular Coffee Business Models

To most coffee lovers, coffee is a source of happiness and a perfect way to start the morning. But, have you ever considered making coffee your source of income? Well, a lot of people have, and the numbers are just rising. The coffee business can’t go out of fashion, and it’s here no matter what. Even in an apocalyptic scenario, people will still want their cup of joe. So, let’s have a look at how you can make your dime by brewing and selling coffee.

Coffee Cart

With a coffee cart, you can take your business everywhere you like. Literary. Mobility is the greatest perk of this business model. Target crowded places, like universities, malls, and hospitals, of course, after you gather all the permits needed. Pedal your way to success. A coffee cart is great because it takes the least investments at the start of your quest. A coffee maker with a grinder is enough for the start. Of course, don’t forget the cart part.

Coffee Camper

The coffee camper is a step forward from the cart. You can fit in some serious mechanics inside and broaden your coffee offer. From cold brew to espresso, or even Nitro coffee, everything can fit in the back of a nice, modified truck. Mobility remains as a perk, but now your drink offerings are as wide as it gets, on wheels.

Coffee Food Truck

The only thing better than morning coffee is morning coffee with a fresh croissant, muffin, or a slice of pie. And that’s where you come in. With a coffee food truck, you can provide the working people with both caffeine and calories on their break. Target the companies with fixed lunch breaks, and carefully plan a routine so you can max out your selling. You will be known as the modern-day ice cream truck for grownups.

Cold-Brew Bar/Bottling

So, you finally found the perfect water-to-coffee ratio? And now you want to share it with the whole world, or at least your city? And of course, earn a buck or two. Cold brew coffee is fairly simple to make and can last for around two weeks if you do the bottling yourself. Commercial stuff can last up to 6 months, or so they claim. If you want to get inside the bottled cold brew business, you will need a skilled graphic designer to make your product stand out. Of course, the coffee also has to be exquisite and the bottle must be glass. Avoid plastic, as it ruins both the taste and our planet.

Coffee Shop aka Coffee House

Perhaps not the best choice during this pandemic, but a coffee shop is the holy grail of the coffee business. Why? People like going to their favorite coffee shop because they feel welcomed there. It is the so-called ‘Cheers factor’. Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name, especially if the place serves fine espresso, has a killer WIFI connection, and friendly staff. Add some snacks and finger food, and you are set to go.

Drive-thru Coffee Shop

The recent pandemic was death to classical coffee shops, but also opened a new area of opportunities: drive-thru coffee. Although the concept is fairly old (originating in the 1930s), it had a sudden boom in the last few years. You don’t need much space or staff, just a busy location to sell your coffee. Your coffee needs to be exquisite, and your baristas fast, but you should never sacrifice quality for speed.

Specialized Pour-Over Bar

Pour-over bars are relics of the past? Wrong. Although the fast lifestyle takes its toll, true coffee aficionados will still choose a cup of pour-over coffee over any other, even if it means you will have to wait a couple of extra minutes to get it. Pour-over bars offer their customers coffee made just for them, not one in a million made that day. Pour-over bars are delicate, personal, and target the people who know their beans. So make sure you targeted the market well.


Coffee will never run out of business, and that is a fact. So, why not make it your business? But, like all serious businesses, running a coffee business is not child’s play. So, before you start, get educated about every aspect of the business. Don’t buy low-quality equipment. Use high-quality, fresh beans, the cleanest water, and always be ready to learn something new.

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