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5 Professional Services for Growing Start-Ups

5 Professional Services for Growing Start-Ups

As you launch your startup, your primary concern will be to save as much money as possible without sacrificing the services upon which you’ll need to rely. While there are some things you and your employees will have to do personally, you can save money by outsourcing non productive services. It’s much more cost-effective to pay a fee to a third-party service than to hire employees to provide those necessary services. Here are some examples of services you should outsource.

Point of Purchase Processing Services

Using a credit card processing service can take a great deal of worry off your mind by leaving this aspect of each transaction up to a third-party company equipped to handle them. This will save you from having to submit payment records manually, while also enabling you to provide a broader range of payment options for your customers. Since they will have their own cybersecurity measures in place, your business will be protected from the possible breaches that might occur. In this way, a payment processing service will free you from that additional burden.

Accounting Services

Bookkeeping and accounting cover a great deal of territory in how your business operations are handled. From issuing pay to your employees to maintaining accurate records for your business, you’ll rely heavily on accountants to help you keep up with your business’ finances. Although you need these services, you won’t need to have accountants on the payroll full-time. It makes more sense to outsource your accounting needs to a service that can manage your books on an as-needed basis. Additionally, an accounting service will act as a buffer, protecting you from employee pay discrepancies, tax issues, and other liabilities that might adversely affect your business. Instead, a third-party accounting service will have the technology and up-to-date knowledge to ensure those errors won’t happen.

IT Services

Another type of professional service that encompasses several different needs upon which your business will rely is information technology. Hiring young and talented IT professionals can be a costly challenge in itself, which is the primary reason most businesses just outsource these needs. A company that provides IT services will have the infrastructure in place to hire the best talents in the industry, allowing you to enjoy the innovative benefits that their service will provide. You’ll have access to a tech team that will advise you on the best technological advances to help your business. They can help you with cybersecurity, connectivity, and other aspects of using technology to advance the services you provide to your customers.

Legal Services

As you start growing your startup, you won’t have the financial resources of a major corporation that would allow you to hire your own legal team. Yet, you will regularly have to rely on an attorney to help you deal with legal matters pertaining to your business. The best alternative is to keep an attorney on retainer. This will give you someone to answer any legal questions that may arise through the normal course of running your business. They can also help you draw up contracts or manage legal disputes for you. As you form a more familiar relationship with your attorney, you’ll find more benefits of having someone who is familiar with business law in your corner.

Janitorial Services

Finally, you will need someone to clean your business for you, and this is one of the least productive tasks that you’ll require. Asking your own employees to take time out of each day to clean their work areas will mean they won’t be doing the jobs for which you hired them. You may also find that your employees aren’t quite as skilled at cleaning as a professional janitorial crew. Outsourcing to a cleaning service will save you that wasted money while ensuring the cleaning that they provide will meet your standards. This is especially important with businesses that handle food or provide healthcare, but any business can benefit from professional cleaning services.

Even later as you grow your startup into a successful business, you may choose to stick with these third-party services. Outsourcing where you can helps you to keep your overall operating expenses low. This will help you reinvest in your business by providing a better profit margin. As a result, outsourcing can help you grow your business consistently into the future.

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