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How You Can Ship Your Goods Cheaper Than You’d Think

How You Can Ship Your Goods Cheaper Than You’d Think

Shipping products across the country picked up in popularity over the last year due to mass physical shop closures because of COVID-19. Retailers such as Amazon saw one of their most successful years yet. This has opened the door for new eCommerce businesses, providing a range of opportunities and the possibility of working with an effective courier to deliver your goods. 

Why You Would Need to Ship Your Goods 

New businesses will most likely send their products and goods themselves at first. It’s easier and there is less risk involved. Businesses that operate through social media and websites such as Etsy will do this, as they will have less demand and traffic. When the business grows, it usually means the demand has too.  

An increased demand means businesses need to look into ways to expand the business. This means finding a bigger space to create more products, looking into better quality parts that arrive quicker in bulk, hiring new employees to create these goods, as well as finding a reliable courier to deliver these products on your behalf.  

How to Find an Effective Courier 

There are a number of different factors and questions you should consider when looking into a courier. Look into the size and weight of your packages that need to be shipped to customers to find if the courier will deliver such a package. Most couriers will have information on their website about what they will accept, and offer advice on how to trim down a package when needed. 

The time it takes to deliver a package is also important. You will not want your customers receiving packages late, as they may end up cancelling and going with a competitor. Some couriers, such as Lone Star Overnight, will offer an overnight service to help get your package delivered on time. LSO delivery service are an alternative to FedEx and UPS with hundreds of delivery people sending thousands of packages every day, so you can trust them to get the job done. 

The Costs Associated with Courier Services 

While you can charge your customers the price associated with delivering goods, you may still have to pay for some costs. You should ensure it is worth your time and effort to send a package, as you will need to make a profit to make the business thrive and be successful. That’s why it’s important to look into courier insurance. If a package ends up lost in transit or broken, you will not lose money on it. 

The courier you work with could have this provided as a money back guarantee, or they could work with an insurer to help protect you. You should look into getting this service, if your courier doesn’t actually provide the coverage, to help ensure you don’t lose out on money. 

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by Dirk DeBie // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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