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The Best Dropshipping Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Brands

The Best Dropshipping Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Brands

If you’re running a global eCommerce business, you may already be dropshipping. Dropshipping helps eCommerce businesses to take care of inventory and shipping, which tend to be the most expensive aspects of running an eCommerce store. The way it works is that customers place orders on your website, then your dropshipping suppliers send the products to the customers directly.

Once your eCommerce store is up and running smoothly and you’ve selected competent dropshipping suppliers, you’re then free to focus on marketing your eCommerce store. No matter what stage your eCommerce business is in, you’ll need the best marketing strategies to achieve your sales and revenue goals.

Ecommerce dropshipping marketing strategies are always evolving and they utilize all available digital channels to promote and grow businesses. This article discusses the best eCommerce digital marketing strategies to promote your eCommerce store, with the help of top eCommerce tools you can use to effectively implement these strategies.

Let’s get started!

Top 10 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

In no particular order, here are the working marketing strategies that eCommerce businesses that utilize dropshipping use to drive more sales and increase their revenue.

Create Original Content

Have you ever heard the saying that content is king? It is as true for eCommerce stores as it is for informative blogs. You’ll not fully understand how true this is if you only see content as the written information on websites. Content includes all written items on your website, images, and videos.

Content is what makes up your eCommerce website. It’s the entirety of the information that your customers see when they come on your site. Do you now see why you have to make your content original and of high quality?

Creative, high-quality, and original content will better engage your customers, and once you’ve successfully engaged the visitors of your eCommerce website, the chances of conversion become high. So, go all the way to not just create entertaining and engaging content for your eCommerce website but also informative content.

For example, if you’re an eCommerce store that sells wedding dresses, writing a blog post on the best way to plan for a wedding will draw the attention of people planning a wedding as well as grow their awareness of your products. Effectively implementing this eCommerce digital marketing strategy will drive revenue for you for years.

Optimize the Layout of Your Ecommerce Website

As advancement in technology grows and new trends surface, it’s best to review your eCommerce website’s layout. You may find that the way the products are displayed may be the reason why conversion is poor. So, an effective eCommerce marketing strategy you want to employ to promote your eCommerce brand is routine optimization of your website’s layout.

It’s not just about the layout; you should also check your language, the placement of your call-to-action buttons, and the appearance of the product images. The goal of this is to ensure that your customers find your website friendly and easy to navigate.

The best way to know the elements of your eCommerce website that your customers love is to use behavioral tools like Mouseflow’s heatmap software. This software reveals with color the parts of your website that your customers are spending the most time on. So, when you study that area well, you’ll be well guided to improve the other areas of your website that your customers are neglecting.

Take Social Media Marketing Seriously

Most eCommerce stores that utilize dropshipping often neglect social media marketing while concentrating on other eCommerce digital marketing strategies. Social media, however, is a very powerful tool for marketing your eCommerce products.

It’s not only the platform for you to display your products to your customers but also a way to effectively communicate with them. Social media marketing drives to your customer’s heart the personality of your brand, thus making your brand an entity that they want to relate with.

The obvious part of social media, you know, is that it allows you to share quality pictures of your products and engage with your customers. Well, social media marketing has advanced to now allowing you to create shoppable content. These are items uploaded on social media that your customers can purchase straight away.

To make the most of social media marketing as a dropshipping eCommerce store, utilize Instagram. It’s not just a way to display your products with beautiful pictures but also a way to extend your reach beyond your product’s page.

Go Strong on Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing, right? The truth is that in this digital age, email marketing is still one digital marketing strategy that works fine for eCommerce businesses. However, you’ll have to be very careful with selecting the kind of content to share via emails as well as the people you’re reaching out to via email.

Email marketing is most effective when you provide the people on your mailing list with content that is useful to them. Personalization is highly needed if you want to do email marketing that will convert.

The best application of email marketing that ensures personalization is through post-purchase follow-up and abandoned shopping cart reminders.

Most times, before the customer purchases a product, you give them option of receiving emails from you. It’s good to follow up with customers who have opted to receive emails from you with emails days after purchase. Such an email could be a simple follow-up email to keep the conversation going to assess their interest in your product line.

It could also be to get feedback on their entire purchase experience or their experience on using the product. You can even assist them with a product they’ve purchased to help them better use it.

Using emails to remind prospective customers of items they forgot in the shopping cart is also effective. A polite email reminding the prospective customers of items they forgot in the shopping cart while providing them assistance or recommending similar, more affordable products to them, not only helps you gather information about the reason for abandoning the transaction but also helps you convert them to paying customers.

Employ Search Engine Optimization

One digital marketing strategy you should never forget to adopt is search engine optimization. While your website is up and running and your social media and email marketing strategies are in place, don’t forget to optimize your content for the search engines.

The goal of every effective marketing campaign is to reach as many customers as possible from every platform. Optimized content on an eCommerce website or product pages would ensure that you’re discoverable on search engines. This is important because search engines like Google are the first place mobile users go to when they are looking for a product, service, or information.

So, make sure that the content you upload on your eCommerce website is rich, reliable, and informative. Ensure that you use the right keywords that users are searching for. For example, the eCommerce store that deals in wedding items should optimize the keywords “pink bridesmaid dress” for the product page so that it is easily discoverable on search engines.

Hop on the Influencer Marketing Bandwagon

Yes, almost every brand out there is doing it, so do it. Bandwagon or not, it has proved effective over time and is still effective. Influencer marketing involves the use of influential individuals on social media or in the community to promote your product.

Most brands use influencers on Instagram, which are individuals with a large number of followers, who talk about their products, recommend, or even use them. The beauty about it is that these influences have a community of people who love and trust them. So, if they say your product is gold, their community will surely take your product like gold.

Utilize Pay-per-click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is another digital marketing strategy for eCommerce businesses using dropshipping that you should put in place. Pay-per-click advertising is most commonly seen in sponsored ads on social media. Its components include the advert, the offer, and a product landing page.

What this marketing strategy does for you, when all these components are in sync, is that it makes your eCommerce brand and products discoverable. However, you have to keep your lead clear if you aim for conversion. This means that the landing page of the pay-per-click advert should be free of other products. It should be loaded with the benefits and features of the product that they clicked on.

Go Mobile Friendly

Let’s face it, if your eCommerce website is not friendly enough to mobile users, you’re losing tons of valuable customers. According to Statista, as of 2020, the number of unique mobile internet users was 4.28 billion people. Mobile phones, especially smartphones, offer ease and convenience in planning, organizing, and running our daily lives.

If you don’t already have a responsive and engaging mobile app for your eCommerce store, ensure that your website has a responsive mobile layout. Not only this, but your website visitors should be able to access all the important features on the web-view via mobile devices. They should also be able to effectively initiate and complete a transaction using their mobile phones.

Make Personalization Your Strength

Just as content is king when it comes to marketing, the customer is king when it comes to the purpose and growth of your business. If you satisfy them well, you meet all your business goals. These days, personalization has proved to be one of the biggest ways to win customers.

Who doesn’t like receiving mail that doesn’t just address them by their names but also provides the right information, product, or service they’re looking for? Who doesn’t like visiting a website and getting recommendations of products or resources that meet their interest? Who doesn’t like the ability to make an app look and feel the way they like? No one!

So, in implementing your eCommerce marketing strategies, ensure to personalize them as much as you can. It could be the key to conversion that you’ve been missing.

Make Retargeting a Habit

It’s a fact that customers who have bought from you before will most likely want to patronize you again. However, there are so many things the customer may be thinking and so much noise on the internet to filter.

So, you’ll have to consciously retarget them. What this implies is that you track customers who have visited your eCommerce website in the past and display ads to them. These ads show up when they’re surfing the internet.

When they see these ads, click on them, and visit your website, the chances of them purchasing are high. Therefore, ensure that the link on the ad leads them directly to the product they’re looking for and not otherwise.

It’s Your Call

This could feel like too many strategies to implement for your eCommerce store but it’s good that you know them all. You can start with the marketing strategies here that you’ve never applied to your dropshipping eCommerce business. The best approach is to look into your analytics and decide the marketing strategy that best solves your immediate needs.

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