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5 Risks Tree Trimmer Businesses Need to Be Aware Of

5 Risks Tree Trimmer Businesses Need to Be Aware Of

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, tree trimming is one of the most dangerous contracting businesses to run– and it’s not surprising, given the type of work your company does. Tree trimmers are in the business of trimming limbs and cutting down trees. Whether a branch is dying and must be removed for safety, or because it is growing too close to a power line, it must be trimmed off. Likewise, a large tree may need to be completely removed—whether to provide safety or to make room for something new—and your company specializes in providing these services.

Tree trimmers also provide valuable services when things go wrong such as removing trees that fall over during storms, potentially blocking evacuation routes and putting people at further risk of harm. Tree trimming companies also provide essential services to help cleanup after violent storms that bring down many branches and trees. While all of these scenarios are known dangers for tree trimming companies, there are many day-to-day risks that your company should be prepared for as well.

Physical Injuries

While your employees may take the utmost precautions, accidents can still happen. If an employee is trimming a dead branch and a portion of the limb breaks and falls onto the sidewalk, a passerby may trip on it and break their ankle. Tree trimmer insurance protects you from this type of risk, by paying for the related consequences of the event. It pays for the person to be transported to the hospital and given care, for instance, and it pays for rehabilitation costs or other related ongoing expenses.

Property Damages

Property can be damaged by accident as well, and sometimes through no fault of your company or its employees. Yet when property is damaged and the owner of that property blames your company for it, they may file a lawsuit. Your tree trimmer liability insurance protects you from the expenses associated with these issues. It pays your litigation costs, settlements, and judgements as needed so that you’re not covering those expenses out of pocket.

Advertising or Personal Injuries

If another company or person takes issue with your company advertising, settling the dispute can be expensive and time consuming. A person may claim that your advertising slanders them, for instance, or a company or person may accuse you of copyright violations. Protection from these risks is included in your tree trimmer liability insurance policy.

Vehicle Accidents

As your tree trimming business grows, so too will your fleet of work trucks. Even with just one company vehicle, however, your company is at increased risk of loss if a car accident happens. Since you carry specialty tools and equipment in your business vehicle, it is worth more than most consumer car auto insurance policies will cover. So if you’re in an auto accident, the at fault driver may not be able to fully cover the losses they caused you. Commercial auto insurance protects you from this scenario with uninsured and underinsured coverage, among other important auto coverage benefits.

Completed Operations or Product Complaints

Once in a while a customer complaint may arise after you have completed contractual services for them. Likewise, you may recommend or sell a product to your customers that is later found to be defective or harmful in some way. A customer may be allergic to a tree wound application you use after cutting off a limb, for instance. When issues arise either from operations your company has already completed, or from product problems, general liability insurance will help protect your company from the potential financial losses.

As you can see, being aware of the risks in your business and doing everything you can to mitigate them from the start will give you the best peace of mind as you grow. Mitigating these risks will also allow you to absorb issues as they arise, and grow into a successful, financially secure tree trimming business.


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