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What Is Conflict Management Training?

What Is Conflict Management Training?

Whether you run a small office or head human resources for a major corporation, you are certain to have some people who do not get along. It may be because of a personality conflict or because two workers do not see eye to eye on the way an important project should be run. In any case, it is important that you find a way to deal with disputes so you can run a successful business.

Fortunately, there are conflict management training classes and seminars that can help you manage these kinds of problems.

Conflict management involves learning how to handle disagreements between people in a way that is equitable and effective. It is important that one or two people in every office are trained in conflict resolution. Not only can a person with a certification in conflict management help resolve issues, but the very fact that you have them on staff might help protect you in the event of a lawsuit. The best conflict management training programs offer classes for everyone in your organization instead of just the managers and team leaders.

A conflict manager will show you several different methods for resolving disagreements. The method that you use will often depend on the personality type of the individual you are dealing with.

The Avoidant Method

People with an avoidant personality disorder will often have intense feelings of inadequacy and fear of being thought of negatively. Because this is considered a psychological condition, You may not think that avoidance would be a good way to deal with any sort of conflict.

However, a conflict training manager will often tell you that there are some points of contention that are simply too petty to concern yourself with. You may be annoyed by a co-worker cooking fish in the microwave or a sales team member occasionally cursing under their breath after a lost sale. However, those things may not be worth mentioning as they may cause more trouble than they are worth.

The Competitive Method

Although Machiavelli’s assertion that “the ends justify the means” is often thought of as an evil way of thinking, there are some times when it can be crucial to the survival of your company. It may be necessary to be competitive when you are bidding for a client against another company.

Although some businesses will divide their operations into teams and have their employees compete against one another, this is not considered an effective way to operate a successful company. It causes internal problems and resentment among coworkers.

The Collaborative Method

One of the best ways to resolve conflict in the long term is to use a collaborative method of conflict resolution. When you use this method, you will identify everyone’s concerns and try to find a way to solve each one. It is designed to lessen feelings of resentment between coworkers. This method takes time and is best employed with a group of people who will work together for a long time.

The best training programs will incorporate several methods of conflict management. They will design a class or series of classes specifically for you and the people who work in your office.

Knowing how to deal with conflicts as they arise will help you have a more harmonious office atmosphere. When everyone gets along, you won’t have to worry about infighting, and you can get on with the business of business.

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