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6 Benefits of Hiring a Security Guard for Your Business

6 Benefits of Hiring a Security Guard for Your Business

If you are in the service business, you know all too well how vital it is to keep your premises protected. Your guests and customers must be shielded from harm, and you also want to protect your prized company possessions. At other times, you might just want to be on the safer side of things by hiring security personnel. After all, you work hard for your business, so it’s natural that you want to protect the company from thieves and intruders.

Hiring a security guard can be a sound investment for your business. Normally, you would have to trust that things will not go awry while you are not present. With the help of a security guard, you can rest assured that your business will remain secure even when you aren’t on the watch.

A security guard also provides a sense of security to your patrons, ensuring they are protected from any crimes or dangers. Even if you believe your establishment is outfitted to handle chaos, it does not hurt to boost your safety measures. If security has become a concern, hiring a few guards should do the trick.

Let’s learn more about hiring a security guard for your business.

Preventing Crime

There are a number of crime deterrents in our society that stop criminal acts from occurring all at once. The presence of a security guard alone ensures that your vicinity is well-protected from intrusion. For example, if you run a popular restaurant, having a couple of security guards on patrol can stop things from becoming frantic.

On the other hand, security guards know how to handle crises in a comprehensive manner. They have completed a security guard training course, equipping them with the knowledge and expertise for many emergencies. As such, there is no need to worry about things escalating in an unmanageable manner. All that you require is a security guard who can resolve the issue without further action. That way, all parties will go home happy!

Dealing with Crime

While we might try our hardest to stop criminal acts from occurring, it might not always turn out that way. Sometimes, a crime will unfortunately happen, causing trouble in many ways. However, if there are security guards present, you will be able to mitigate the amount of harm received.

There may be some suspects nearby who require questioning by the proper authorities, for instance. A qualified security guard will be able to both apprehend the persons of interest and take down their information. It is generally up to your discretion, whether these guards will be armed or not.


As mentioned previously, security guards on patrol can be seen as a beacon of safety and security. That is because their mere presence means that the potential of crime occurring can be relatively low. If a security guard is not physically overseeing one particular area, their surveillance duties can extend elsewhere.

This may usually involve monitoring the video feeds from nearby CCTV cameras. Or it can also include checking the credentials of guests who are visiting your establishment. Their job is to ensure that the premises are secure by checking and reviewing every possible vulnerability. Once this is done, safety is pretty much guaranteed.

Customer Service

Don’t just think that a security guard’s job ends with providing a basic sense of safety around the premises. These professionals can also be seen as customer service agents, which can help out in more ways than one. For example, if customers need escorting from one area to another at night, a security guard will be able to help.

At other times, they can help with essential functions in and around your establishment. One of the most common scenarios involves directing customers to their intended area without delay. While their duties are based on providing adequate security, a security guard can also be multifaceted.


Should there be an altercation at your business, calling the local authorities will undoubtedly become a priority. However, depending on how far away the police are from your business, it may take some time for them to get there. Not only can this delay the situation from improving, but your issue can become an emergency quickly if not careful.

To rectify this, having a couple of security guards on standby will be of the utmost importance. Deescalating a potentially harrowing situation will be the top priority once it becomes unmanageable. Security guards are trained to handle these situations quickly and resolve them before they become a crisis.


Above all else, having security personnel on-site can be an immense stress reliever. These professionals act as the primary line of defence against potential crimes occurring nearby. While this defense is not foolproof, your circumstances can be protected adequately.

There are many high-risk businesses that can benefit from having a few security guards patrolling the premises. This boosts the confidence of all parties in the business, from the employees to the customers.

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by Harvey Carr // Harvey Carr is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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