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The Effectiveness of Advertising with Site Hoardings

The Effectiveness of Advertising with Site Hoardings

Site hoardings may be very practical in terms of the way they keep members of the public out of a construction site, but they have many benefits from the perspective of visual marketing to offer, too. Of course, hoardings prevent people from seeing into a site and help to minimize the amount of dust and noise that would otherwise escape into the local environment, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make a big visual impact. What are the main ways that marketing professionals leverage site hoardings these days to get the greatest effect from them?

Site Marketing

To begin with, site marketing is a clear way to use site hoardings effectively. For housing developers, for example, this might mean providing images of the development that is under construction so that potential buyers get an idea of the lifestyle that will soon be on offer. Site marketing can also include wayfinding information so would-be homeowners are directed towards marketing suites and so on. This sort of site hoarding marketing can be just as effective for commercial developments as it so often is for residential ones, too.

Raising Brand Awareness

Sometimes you just want to keep the messaging as simple as possible for the most impact. Why not use site hoardings to raise brand awareness by painting them with corporate colors and adding a printed vinyl logo or two? A bold approach like this is often ideal for established brands that know how to dominate a visual scene.

Localized Marketing

When site hoardings go up, they are often in there for months at a time. Therefore, they can contain highly localized messages, something that other visual marketing often won’t feature. According to 4Site Implementation, a specialist in site hoardings and other forms of visual marketing, site hoardings should have their potential maximized at the design stage with approaches that are unique to the environment where they’ll be displayed.

Engage with the Community

When there is a large project going on in any location – especially one in the middle of a town or city – there can be disruption. By using your hoardings to offer reassurance and timescales to local residents, it may go a long way to help avoid community disputes. Use your hoardings to demonstrate the benefits of the project and how it will improve the local area. Most people will get on board with visual marketing that is directed at them in the community if they see the bigger picture being explained to them.

Feel free to call 4Site today for any of your current or future site hoarding requirements. The company has extensive experience in providing a wide range of effective benefits from commercial hoardings in numerous settings. As such, there is no better firm you could turn to regardless of the preferred way you want to put site hoardings to use.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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