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3 Different Advantages of Using Stickers for Marketing

3 Different Advantages of Using Stickers for Marketing

Sticker marketing. It might sound weird to you. Especially if you associate stickers with kids trading their newest attainment on the playground. What could these sticky pictures possibly do for your business?

We will share exactly that with you in this article. Below, we will explain all about the intrinsic marketing power of stickers and how this can be put to work in any industry.

At the end of this, you will know how custom vinyl stickers can help you streamline your branding process, reach new customers, and create brand awareness.

What do you think? Are you ready to jump into the world of sticker marketing? Then read on.

Great Effects at a Low Cost

Stickers combine high effectiveness and a low cost – the dream! Especially when you order your stickers in bulk, you often only pay a few cents per unit. This makes stickers a very low-risk investment that is almost guaranteed to deliver a positive return.

An affordable price does not mean that you will receive substandard quality. There are many great sticker printing companies out there that offer state-of-the-art materials and equipment. If you are unsure, you can ask for a material sample.

This way, you can get close and personal with the materials on offer and find one that represents your brand in the best possible way. On top of that, you usually only pay for the material used. That means that you can have as many colors as you want in your design, without having to pay extra.

The Easy Branding Solution

Branding has become a real buzzword and is often very over-complicated. If you want to bring it back to basics, or are just starting out, we recommend using stickers to create coherent and effective branding.

Now, branding is much more than the process of putting a logo on your products. It communicates the core values of your business and sets consumers’ expectations. This means that your branding should include all aspects of your product experience.

With stickers, this becomes manageable. Instead of having to custom-print your packaging materials, you can simply order them in plain. Then, use your stickers to label your products and add value to your shipping materials or shopping bags.

Stickers allow you to be incredibly flexible. Do you want to try a seasonal promotion? Simply place a new order for stickers and incorporate them into your branding process. Do you want to add thank-you stickers in your orders? No problem, get your hands on some custom die cut stickers and show some customer appreciation.

Everybody Loves Stickers

Did you know that stickers are among the few marketing tools that are not perceived as advertising? Instead, we see them as gifts. That is a true superpower you can make work for your business.

The problem of giving gifts is to find a balance between your marketing budget and adding true value to your customers’ experience. With stickers, you can do both: stay within your budget and make your customers smile.

All you have to do for this effect is to include free stickers with every order or purchase. This will evoke the so-called rule of reciprocity. Social psychology has shown that when we receive a gift, we feel the desire to return the favor to the person or organization who gave us said gift.

In a business environment, this can take the shape of a repeat purchase or even a recommendation or great review. Moreover, your customers will remember their interaction with your brand fondly as all the positive emotions created by gift giving will be associated with your business.

And those were three advantages your business can experience by investing in sticker marketing. Are you ready to give it a try and make it work for you? We hope so. If you have any questions or more tips, please leave a comment below.

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by Lottie Pritchard // Lottie Pritchard is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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