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The Best White Hat Backlinks Tips and Tricks

The Best White Hat Backlinks Tips and Tricks

Building high quality links is the basis for any effective SEO strategy and without them, a website can expect to receive very little in the way of organic traffic. For this reason, it is essential that website managers or business owners do whatever they can in becoming white hat backlink masters and understanding the perks of working with a white hat link building service.

However, for those that want to go it alone and build these types of backlinks all by themselves, our guide of useful white hat backlinks tips and tricks is most definitely worth a read.

Create Internal Links

Although creating internal links within a website is something that most people overlook, it is actually pretty essential that this is done. What is good about this option is that it is something that a website manager or business owner has complete control over. Ensuring that there are plenty of internal links allows for a website to be crawled much faster by search engines. The one thing to be aware of when doing this however is that using keywords for internal links may look like spam and have a detrimental effect on the ranking of a website.

Feature Guest Blogs

Reach out to relevant bloggers and ask if they would like to write a blog about a particular product or service. Although it can be difficult for start ups to attract big name bloggers within a particular sector, there are websites out there that feature a wide range of bloggers from various different sectors that are willing to work with businesses of all sizes, no matter how small. One such website is

Have Accounts on Reddit

Although having accounts on social media is more of a long term strategy (rather than a short term one), making submissions to the likes of Reddit are worth it when it comes to white hat backlinks. It is worthwhile for website managers and business owners to not only have a Reddit account but to make sure that it is well maintained. The good thing about Reddit is that it is relatively easy to create a number of different accounts on there, there are audiences for all topics on there, and all of the comments on there are indexed by search engines.

Use Directories

Website managers and business owners should actively submit their websites to the wide range of directories that exist on the Internet. These can include blogger directories and even niche specific ones. Examples of these include Golden Pages and All Top. It is important to be vigilant when submitting a website to a directory as some of them are not very good and include lots of low profile links that can have a detrimental effect on the ranking of a website.

Other tips and tricks include claiming brand mentions, getting the backlinks of competitors, incorporating tweets into blog posts, and creating round ups.

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by Dirk DeBie // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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