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Key Ways to Improve Workplace Health and Safety for Employees

Key Ways to Improve Workplace Health and Safety for Employees

Every seven seconds, an employee sustains an injury at their job somewhere in the United States, which equates to as many as 4.7 million injured US workers every year. In addition to being distressing, workplace accidents can also harm your bottom line. One workplace accident alone costs a minimum of $40,000 on average, the National Council on Compensation Insurance reports. Fortunately, by working to improve workplace health and safety, you can help reduce employee injury, illness, absence, and sick leave, and in turn increase employee engagement, productivity, and your bottom line.

Comprehensive Safety Training

Comprehensive safety training is essential for all employees. They need to know how to correctly and safely use all tools needed for their roles, as well as know the signs of misuse, accidents, and injuries. However, don’t just focus on training new employees. All employees should be provided with fresh, updated training upon the introduction of any new equipment, tools, policies, or safety measures (this is particularly crucial when a change implemented has a direct impact on safety. For example, a new piece of equipment may require specialized handling otherwise accident and injury may result). By holding regular safety meetings, you can keep employees aware and knowledgeable of current rules and regulations, as well as give them the chance to ask questions and raise concerns.

Protect Yourself Legally

Whether your business is relatively new or you’ve already been going for a few years, it’s never too late to consult a lawyer to help protect your business legally. Ideally, you want to find a reputable and experienced attorney with knowledge of the local laws and policies at play in your area. If one of your employees does sustain an injury at work, an attorney can advise you on the most favorable next steps. Moreover, a good lawyer can even audit your physical premises to assess whether it adheres to both state and federal occupational health and safety requirements. Likewise, a personal injury attorney can also aid employees injured on the job. Workplace accidents typically result in injury, medical bills, and lost wages, and an experienced lawyer can help affected individuals win compensation to cover these costs.

Ensure Workplace Compliance

By working to ensure compliance with safety regulations, you’ll be in a better position to detect anomalies and prevent accidents before they have a chance to happen. OSHA, for example, lists rules and regulations businesses must follow to achieve compliance and prevent occupational accidents and injury. OSHA’s recordkeeping software can be used to simplify this process and minimize your workload. Moreover, by working with an experienced workplace health and safety professional, you can better ensure OSHA compliance. A professional can perform workplace safety inspections, make improvements to your health and safety policy, recommend correct equipment and procedures, and identify problems that need addressing.

Employee health and safety should be a priority for all business owners. By offering comprehensive training, protecting yourself legally, and ensuring workplace compliance, you can better protect both your employees and your bottom line.

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by Lottie Pritchard // Lottie Pritchard is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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