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6 Things Every Marketing Email Should Contain

6 Things Every Marketing Email Should Contain

Emails are one of the best ways to stay in touch with your consumers. If you think about it, these digital messages allow your target market to hear from you when it is most convenient for them, whether it is 5 AM and before they have to go to work, or at midnight when they just got home from hanging with their pals.

Although we are going to go into the things that every marketing email should contain, I want you to keep in mind the emails that you get on a regular basis as we talk about the various parts. Think about what works for you, as a consumer, as well as what doesn’t so you can get a good picture in your mind.

Also, understand that not every target market responds the same. So, if you try something and it doesn’t work, don’t keep doing it because “the experts” say you should. Do something else and see if it brings better results. With that, let’s get into the six things that your marketing emails should include.

Compelling Subject

It doesn’t matter how great your emails are, if no one opens them then it’s all for naught. To get your open rate higher, you might want to create more compelling subjects. In an article published by Business Insider titled “How to Write A Marketing Email That People Will Actually Read,” the author gives this helpful tip in regard to creating a solid, open-worthy subject: Keep it short. Your goal? Six to eight words (or 25 characters or less). You’ll also want to keep in mind that some words may kick your email to your target’s spam folder. So, you’ll want to do your research beforehand to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Proper Salutation

Now that you’ve got your target market to open your email with your super-compelling subject, it is time to address the reader properly. Let me ask you this. Which one sounds better?

Dear Customer:


Hey There Gorgeous!

Realistically, your type of business (as well as your target market) is probably going to dictate which one is more appropriate, but don’t be afraid to break out of the corporate mold. Think about what will make your consumer feel best and go with that.

About the Body

Because every email body is going to be different, this one is a little tougher to nail down. As a general rule, the more to the point you are, the better it is. Most people rarely have time to sit down and check their email let alone read it, so don’t get too long winded or they’re just going to delete yours anyway.

That being said, sometimes emails call for longer content to thoroughly explain something or to offer in depth information. That is okay, just make sure you don’t use a lot of filler words. Say what you need to say in as few words as you can say it. Got it?

Call to Action

Before signing off with your email, you need to tell your reader exactly what you want him or her to do. For instance, is there something you want them to buy, or are you simply wishing they would go to your website? Whatever action you want them to take, tell them to take it. Or they likely won’t.

Your Signature

Whether you’re signing your email with your name personally, or just using your company name, your signature matters. And, as WiseStamp points out, it is a valuable marketing tool that many people fail to use. At a minimum, your website should be listed as a link, as should links to your social media pages. Anything else you decide to add, such as a phone number or a thought-provoking quote, is strictly up to you.


Do your emails end in a postscript, also known as a P.S.? If not, you may be missing out. Adding these to the end of your emails gives you the opportunity to reiterate certain points (such as offer deadlines) or to compel the readers to take action if they haven’t already.

Now, take this information and look over your email marketing strategy. What changes can you implement to possibly get a better response? Any comments or suggestions that you can offer below, sharing with other readers what email content has worked for you?

P.S. I know this isn’t an email, but I just wanted you to know that I always welcome your comments, so feel free to share them!

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by Christina DeBusk // Freelance writer, author, and small business consultant committed to helping entrepreneurs achieve higher levels of success.

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