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Voice Is the Future of Marketing

Voice Is the Future of Marketing

The basic concept that drives the marketing discipline is the connection between the marketer and the audience. Lack of effective connection comes from poor or broken communication channels. There has been an immense transformation in the modern world, and the outdated marketing styles no longer suit the target audience and the industry in general. Nevertheless, the expansion of the internet has created more opportunities for brands to create meaningful conversations. Today, you can start a new brand and gain massive interactions with prospective customers in a short time. But you have to use the right tools.

One of the most effective tools in today’s world is voice technology. It has been revolutionary in many industries, especially when you are targeting an audience who relate better to their local dialect. In the gaming industries, online casinos are using local voice-overs while targeting players in regions where English is not the primary language.

For example, players from the Middle East can search for games, contact customer support, and withdraw through voice search. Ideally, the best online casinos already have Arabic support agents, but the voice-over will be transformative. Arabic players can access rewarding bonuses, a wide selection of games, including blackjack and roulette. Additionally, assistance is given on the legality of playing, with only safe operators recommended.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are smart tools that can inform you about the weather, remind you of an upcoming event, play music, or even tell you what’s in the news headlines. Common virtual assistants include Google Assistant, Alexa by Amazon, and Google’s Siri.

There are more of these in the market, and others are being developed to meet the ever-growing demand. Remember that the functionality of these devices does not rely on smart devices. You can expand the reach of your brand’s voice through brick-and-mortar locations, an app, or by creating your brand website.

A grocery store is a perfect example to explain how this concept applies to e-commerce marketing. These stores sell food which is a basic human need; therefore, they can never go out of fashion. However, more stores are opened every year which increases competition. This means not every grocer will be as successful as they would like to be. Voice technology applications can be incorporated in this business to improve performance and customer retention to address the following points.

Convenience- A voice assistant will enable a customer to inquire from a store whether there is a particular menu, the list of ingredients available, and whether the product is delivered. Such a store is destined for long-term success if it incorporates voice technology to communicate with existing and prospective customers.

Customization- The above scenario can be made better through personalization. With a smart device, a consumer can make a customized order based on a type of cuisine, dietary restrictions, palette, or allergies.


This is another robust marketing tool that is voice-driven. Most entrepreneurs have turned to podcasts to generate successful marketing leads. Using podcasts, you can create shareable content, develop brand credibility and provide tailored content for a specific audience. Podcasts have a higher consumption opportunity which makes them an effective marketing tool. For example, one can listen to a podcast while surfing the net, cooking dinner, or working out in the gym.


The convenience of acquiring knowledge through electronic media and technology has sparked the explosion of e-Learning. This is possible through audio and video formats, although audio formats play a more significant role in learning. e-Learning comprises videos that speak on particular topics or pieces of training for virtual clients. You can take advantage of them to connect with a target audience by using the right brand voice.

Final Word

Marketing is a crucial docket in the sales funnel of any business. As such, it is important to keep up with new market trends to help reach your target audience. Voice technology has been growing in popularity, especially among marketers, and this is one tool you don’t want to miss out on to optimize your business. Listening is an easier communication channel for the audience as well as the content creator. So explore the options discussed and start using audio to attract new customers or retain old ones!

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