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Branding the Right Way: Why Image Matters in Business

Branding the Right Way: Why Image Matters in Business

Image is everything and nowhere is this more real than in the business world. Customers tend to associate how you look with your levels of success and what they expect from you. If you dress like an ordinary person or furnish your office with a regular kind of furniture, then you may not get serious clients. This is why many offices go all out when securing office spaces and getting classy furniture. Success, for the most part, is an idea that one sells to get the clients.

Today we are going to look at the reasons why image matters and examine some of the tips you can use to ensure you represent your brand appropriately.

It Leaves an Impression

Every type of business has an image that people have of it, and it varies from one place to another. One thing that’s constant is that clients usually come looking for confidence so that they can feel good about choosing one business over another one. Therefore, whether you are a metal table legs manufacturer or a hedge fund manager, you need to exude confidence, and this can be achieved by dressing up for your role appropriately.

It Attracts the Best Talents

Getting the staff is never that easy for any business. Everybody wants to work for the most established companies, and that leaves a very small percentage of eligible workers for smaller businesses to fight over. However, you can quickly shoot to the front of the line by looking the part. Just like customers, the people you wish to hire are looking for confidence and a place they can at least spend the next five years at while growing. So get your image up, and you will start bagging the very best in the job market.

It Creates Recognition

Brand image creates recognition. In other words, its something that you get to be known for the moment someone mentions the name of your business in front of other people. And this goes beyond your reputation; how you set up your office space will go a long way in making clients recognize exactly what you are dealing in. Think of Coca-Cola; you can tell from the sound alone when opening the bottle or a can. If you’re a jewelry maker, then invest in branding, and that includes working with the right paper box factories for making unique packages for your products.

It Affects Business Relationships

No business can survive without creating partnerships with other businesses. This is how smaller ones are able to compete with bigger and established ones in the market. However, nobody wants to be associated with a brand that is rife with scandals as that is bad for the overall image. Therefore, ensure that you have a good standing with your fellow partners in order for them to have the incentive to do business with you without losing their customers. You must protect your reputation more than anything since everything hinges on that.

It Makes You Look like an Expert

Alongside brand recognition, being known as an expert in a particular field is one of the biggest assets you can ever have as a business owner. You could be an importer of LED lights for wholesale from China or a simple manufacturer of daily use objects. Just make sure you are good at whatever you do. Customers notice all the small details, and that’s how you win them over and get the edge over your direct competitors. The confidence that people get when dealing with an expert is how you win repeat customers who also spread the word about you. So, ensure you have the answers and understand the nature of your business niche better than everyone else.

It Speaks to the Public

Your image is the first thing that strangers who have never interacted with your brand meet. They will be able to tell a lot about your company by a single look, so if you mess up on this part, then you may lose out on potential customers in the future. When starting out a business, invest heavily in branding and overall image. This can be achieved by being polite to inquiries and treating everyone that walks through your doors with respect, whether they buy something or not. People remember how they were treated, and they will always come back if they were treated well. They may even spread the good word about your business to other people too. So work on your image, and everything else will fall into place.


There are a lot of things that go into a business. It is more than just securing space, hiring people, or getting inventory. Customers have many options, so you need to offer more than just the services and products if you aim to win them over. Remember, your competitors will also be looking to get one over you, so you need to be first and fast, or you risk losing customers.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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