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Well-Established Crestron Programming Company (AVPA) Furthers Expansion into Sacramento Area

Well-Established Crestron Programming Company (AVPA) Furthers Expansion into Sacramento Area

AV Programming Associates (AVPA) has been in the audiovisual programming business for more than 20 years now. They have an established reputation in the industry and have completed major Crestron programming projects around the country—and even in other parts of the world. However, that hasn’t stopped the company from continuing to grow and expand. Recently, AVPA expanded their presence into Sacramento in order to provide better service to their clients in the Sacramento area, as well as the San Francisco Bay Area.

This is a strategic expansion, according to AVPA owner Matthew Grisafe. He says,

There are so many opportunities for a business like ours in the Sacramento and Bay Areas. You have all the government buildings near the California state capitol, the high-tech businesses of Silicon Valley and San Francisco, multiple institutes of higher education, as well as many high-end homes—all of which can benefit from customized AV programming.”

For homeowners in the Sacramento area, AVPA provides Crestron programming for customized smart homes. This allows homeowners to fully integrate all of the systems in their homes, including HVAC, lighting, security, audiovisual, and more. They can then easily control their home’s systems from a device like an in-wall touch panel, a smartphone, or a tablet—even remotely.

Full integration allows homeowners to control multiple systems with the touch of one button. For example, a homeowner could have a “vacation mode” button, which, when pressed, could arm the security system, turn off the HVAC system, and set the lights to turn on and off at certain times to make it look like someone is home. Or they could set up an “entertaining mode,” which could turn on music in strategic locations, set the lighting to preferred levels, turn on water features, and unlock the front door. Homeowners can also do things like monitor their energy and water usage and get notified when system repairs or maintenance are needed.

For business owners in Sacramento, AVPA can help with building management through systems automation and control. All of a business’s systems can be controlled in one, centralized location, making a building easier to manage and maintain. Everything from the HVAC system, lighting, ventilation, and security can be included in a customized building automation setup. Not only that, but things like room scheduling, video conferencing, and other AV devices can also be easily controlled through a centralized control system.

Businesses with building automation systems can save money on energy costs, as well as on building maintenance. Energy usage can be closely monitored and controlled, and notices can be sent out via text or email when there are equipment issues that need addressing. This can help minor equipment issues from turning into major problems. The same can be done for government buildings and educational institutions throughout Sacramento and the surrounding areas.

AVPA is now poised to deliver better service to their clients in the Sacramento area through their local presence there. The Sacramento team will be supported by the company’s main office in the Lake Tahoe area. If you’re interested in learning more about customized programming for your home or business, reach out to AV Programming Associates.

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