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6 Reasons Why Brochures Increase Business Exposure

6 Reasons Why Brochures Increase Business Exposure

In a competitive consumer environment, businesses search for effective ways to market their products and services to their target audiences. As a result, many companies are turning to print marketing to increase their exposure. For example, brochures have a wide variety of benefits for brands, regardless of the industry. The good news is that printing brochures has never been more straightforward—there are dozens of excellent online brochure printing services available to help you print a high-quality brochure to promote your business.

Brochures Are Easy to Distribute

One of the benefits of brochures is that they are easy to distribute. For example, many businesses will have brochures printed to be handed out at events, such as trade shows, conferences, and product launch events. Those who take the brochures will then take them home and digest them at their own convenience. Once they have finished reading the brochure, they may also pass it on to an interested friend or family member. One brochure could be read by a dozen different people before it is discarded!

Brochures Are Easy for Consumers to Digest

People are bombarded with ads when browsing online. Whether you’re reading a news article or scrolling through social media, you can’t escape them. Sometimes, viewing an ad online can feel overwhelming, as there’s so much happening on your screen in the background. As a result, print marketing materials are easier to digest than digital media, such as online ads and social media updates. In fact, one neuromarketing firm found that print marketing materials, such as direct mail, require around 20 percent less effort to digest than digital media! Those reading an easy-to-digest brochure are more likely to understand your offering and remember your brand than those who saw an ad for your company online.

Good Brochures Capture Attention

A well-made brochure will capture your target audience’s attention, as long as it is placed in a suitable location with plenty of footfall. In today’s highly competitive business environment, consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to which business to buy from. As a result, brands across all industries are jostling to capture their audience’s attention, and eye-catching brochures are a great way to reach new customers.

Brochures Instill Trust

Did you know that consumers trust printed media more than digital media? In recent years, trust in digital media has dropped significantly due to several high-profile personal data scandals, such as the Cambridge Analytica incident. Naturally, consumers are growing increasingly concerned about how their personal data is used, and as a result, they may be more receptive to advertising that doesn’t use their personal data, such as brochures. If a consumer picks up a brochure, it’s because they’ve decided to, not because it’s been targeted to them using their personal data.

Brochures Are Cost-Effective

As digital ads become more costly over time, many businesses are turning to printed marketing materials, such as brochures, as they are a cost-effective way to spread brand messages. While digital ads compete with each other in cost, printed marketing materials cost a fixed price for a set number of copies. Plus, companies receive a bulk order discount when they request many copies in one order, making brochures even more cost-effective.

Brochures Provides Longevity

One of the key benefits of brochures is that they provide longevity, as long as the content inside is not time-bound. Thousands of brochures can be created and distributed over several months, either by placing them in public spaces with plenty of footfall or distributing them at events such as trade shows and conferences. Many businesses create brochures that provide a general overview of the businesses’ offerings, including the types of products and services available, customer case studies, testimonials and contact information, should the reader want to find out more.

How to Print a Brochure

Printing a brochure is a straightforward process thanks to the many online printing services in existence today. Once you’ve created your design, you will be asked to choose from a range of customization options. First, you choose the size of your brochure. Most printing services will offer a wide selection of sizes, including A4 to A6 and various square sizes. Next, you will choose the orientation of your brochure, either landscape or portrait. Then, you will be asked to choose the paper type. Most printing services will offer gloss, silk, uncoated, natural and recycled paper, but there may be other paper options available.

Next, you need to choose the paper weight. To ensure that your brochure lasts, you should choose a paper thickness between 130 and 70 GSM and a brochure cover between 170 and 200 GSM. Finally, you choose how you want your brochure to be bound. The most popular option for brochures is staple binding, as it is affordable but keeps your brochure intact for quite some time.

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