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The Online Business: 5 Keys to Successful Web Design

The Online Business: 5 Keys to Successful Web Design

The increasing online access available to today’s consumer has opened a broad target audience for all kinds of businesses. Any entrepreneur thinking of starting a small enterprise must consider reaching the online market, and that means having the right platform – a website. Websites make it possible for customers to find you without too much trouble when they want to buy your goods or services. For a business website to achieve its potential, the design has to be right. Remember that the platform is an extension of your company image and should, therefore, complement the brand. How do you capture that effective design for your business website, though?

Have Clear Goals

Without definite objectives, your site will be just another platform that costs you money to run. Are you looking to increase leads? Provide information to customers? Or maybe your website is an online shop. Objectives give you a guideline to follow when designing the website otherwise it will be all over the place. Website design influences how well your platform achieves its purpose. For instance, if you are aiming to entertain, the design layout can take a fun and relaxed theme. If you want to communicate a serious message, the website build has to match the tone. Note that the goals of a website can evolve as the business grows, so you need to re-evaluate them constantly.

Never Compromise Content

Content management should be a priority if your company website is to achieve its goals. The modern day consumer looks for much more than one-line product descriptions. Your website material has to satisfy the thirst for knowledge that characterizes most online users. It has to be compelling enough to attract and retain the attention of your target audience. Online users tend to have a limited attention span because there are so many things to see. Create content that appeals to the emotions of the reader. Integrate text with video images and other visual elements to stimulate all the right senses.

Make Navigation Easy

Online users will quickly abandon your site if they have to scour around to find what they need. A successful web design simplifies navigation for visitors. The layout of your content and other technical factors will dictate how effectively people can get around. Most website templates make it easy for website owners to arrange their pages and sections in an orderly manner. Make it so that customers can swiftly hop from your Homepage to the “About Us” page without too many clicks. Remember to include social links in an area where visitors can easily see them, especially if you want to increase shares.

Optimize for Mobile

The chances are that a good number of your customers access your website on their hand-held devices. People can do just about everything on the move from shopping to banking thanks to tablets and smartphones. For this reason, your business website should be designed to transition seamlessly from desktop to mobile. A responsive site may also need some adjustments to provide features suitable for mobile devices.

Get Expert Help

Free website builders allow people to create platforms in minutes. A business website, however, carries more risk, which you may not afford when your bottom-line depends on it. Professional website designers understand what good design means for your business and will work to provide it. Experts will know which color themes match your company logo, which images to put on your different pages, and how to entice visitors to stay. There is an art to the whole process and leaving the work to a professional gives you time to run the business.

The importance of online visibility makes websites some of the most critical tools for businesses today. A successful website largely depends on its design, therefore, ensure that you work to get the best one for your platform.

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Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. She attended The Ohio State University where she studied communications. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and long walks in the park with her 3-year-old husky Snowball.

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