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The Importance of Running a High-Quality Company Blog

The Importance of Running a High-Quality Company Blog

The success of a company has always been predicated upon its ability to reach potential customers. In the modern age, various techniques that were used for this purpose have coalesced into what we now called marketing. As new channels of communications opened up over time, largely through development of new technologies, marketing experts kept expanding their repertoire of tricks. This trend remains strong in the digital age, as evidenced by the veritable proliferation of internet-based marketing techniques such as SEO, content marketing, social media optimization, and others. For this occasion however, we will narrow our focus on one specific marketing procedure: corporate blogging.

What’s in a Blog?

A blog is a method of content delivery based around frequent, short-form updates. Inhabiting the digital space somewhere in between regular websites and social networks, blogs allow companies and individuals to publish content that is simultaneously opinion-driven, as well as formally structured. This makes them a great vehicle for marketing, as they simultaneously appeal to the need of the consumer to be informed, as well as to their desire to relate to what they read. Tapping into the blogosphere for marketing purposes is not easy, however, but the price of entry is well worth it. To that end, we have tried to narrow down the benefits a company can expect to gain by setting up its own blog for marketing purposes.

Search Engine Optimization

The company blog is a great tool for raising your search engine ranking. Every blogpost you create and host on your domain counts as an indexed page for the purpose of SEO, thus giving you the opportunity to incrementally increase visibility on a daily basis. Having more content on your site increases your chances for qualifying for long-tail keywords as well, thus attracting customers who are more likely to be converted. Hosting search engine optimized blog content should always be coupled with AdWords conversion tracking for analytic purposes, but sometimes it is best to leave this particular kind of analysis to the professionals.

Social Network Presence

Your blog content is an ideal starting place for a successful social network marketing campaign, and it comes with no extra costs. This is especially useful for smaller businesses with a tighter budget, as they can gain the benefits of both blog-based and social network-based marketing with the same content. Additionally, promoting your company blog through social media has the added benefit of third-party sharing, allowing your message to reach people it otherwise wouldn’t have.

Blogosphere Backlinks

Your company blog is not an isolated island in the middle of the ocean. By consistently posting relevant content, you are establishing yourself as a valuable resource for other content creators. This ensures that down the line, your blog posts are likely to become reference points in the wider industry conversation. In terms of more tangible benefits, other blogs are more likely to backlink to your site, thus improving your overall online presence and search ranking.

Public Image

The informal nature of blog-based content makes it a way to engage with both established and prospective customers. The blog portion of your website is a place where you are not required to adhere to strict PR standards. Use this opportunity to take a more down-to-earth approach when designing content. Your customers are more likely to have a positive experience when visiting your website if they feel they are engaging with a company that is staffed with real people. To go a step further, make sure to include a comment section after each blog post. People love to know that their voices are being heard, and they will reward you for it by spreading positive word of mouth.

Blogging to Success, One Post at a Time

The shift towards content based marketing in recent years has made blogging one of the most attractive marketing options. It’s cheap, reliable, and fulfills multiple functions. It offers plenty of room for innovation, and shows no signs of going out of fashion any time soon. In fact, the demand for blog-based marketing content is likely to increase in the future, as digital marketing becomes the new norm. Getting in on the action early is an excellent way to secure a lead in the future.

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by Tony Solomon // Tony Solomon is former LA-based translator turned writer. Currently, he is one of the senior editors at MediaGurus.

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