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Corporate Change: Why Relocating Your Business Could Be the Next Best Step

Corporate Change: Why Relocating Your Business Could Be the Next Best Step

If you own a business that heavily relies on foot traffic and local word-of-mouth and not seeing the success you had hoped for, you may want to consider relocating. This is especially true for hotels, restaurants and other “stay and pay” types of establishments. A company relocation may also be applicable to you if you’re planning to downsize or have a shift in your strategic plans.

Whatever the reasons are, a business relocation may actually be a good move for you and your team. Read further to find out more about the benefits of moving your business headquarters.

Increased Capital for Operation

Selling or leasing your old location can also bring benefits to your business. Earning this passive income from real estate will provide you with more opportunities to invest back in your business. As you move to a new place, you can make use of the capital to hire better employees, improve your storefront design, or invest in marketing.

Benefit of Economic Development Assistance

Moving your business to another place means that you’re creating economic opportunities in that area. Check if the local government of the area to which you are considering relocating has any programs in place that provide incentives to businesses moving into their area. These can include tax credits, lower utility costs, or free training programs for your employees. Take advantage of this economic development assistance incentive to maximize your business’ potential.

Improved Operational System

In some instances, businesses need to downsize and relocate to improve their efficiency. Maybe the old system isn’t working anymore and something needs to change. Moving your company can provide networking opportunities for like-minded individuals whom you can help and benefit from. Lesser overhead costs mean better pay for your workers, increased profit, and a more efficient operational system.

Get More Attraction

Perhaps your business is currently located in an area that doesn’t get much foot traffic, or your place of business isn’t visible enough to have exterior advertising value. If this is the case, relocating to an area that can benefit you in that regard is definitely a good move to make. Here are several considerations to take into account when deciding if you’re getting enough attraction out of your current location:

  • Is there enough accessible parking for your customers near your location?
  • Is your business located where it can be seen from a main street?
  • Are the reputations of the businesses located around you positive or negative? (If they are negative, then this could put a damper on your company’s image as well)

Lower Overhead Costs

Overhead costs tend to include rent, utilities, raw materials, and manpower. Consider relocating to an area where there is lower expenditure on these things and you can increase your margins, sometimes significantly. Another benefit of doing this is making fewer expenses on deliveries of raw materials. For example, deciding to move your business closer to your supplier will lessen the costs of delivery and manpower.

Moving a business from one place to another isn’t necessarily an easy task. However, it may just be the answer you’re looking for as an entrepreneur who wishes to keep things moving forward.

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by Hannah Whittenly // Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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