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5 Terrific Tips for Remote Office Management

5 Terrific Tips for Remote Office Management

In today’s world, the traditional roles of management are changing. You don’t need to be in the office full time to keep your team productive. However, this is only possible if you use the right tech tips and tools. Here are five tips to keep your office running smoothly, even if you’re on a beach or at a barbecue:

Stress the Value of Results

It is a big mistake to measure an employee based on how much time they spend in their chair and looking busy. This only incentivizes them to get away with doing the least amount possible while being on the clock for longer, reducing morale and increasing your costs. Instead, reward performance with a results-oriented culture and compensation package.

Monitor Your Office

If you are a manager or owner of your company, that means you have to watch the office even if you’re not there. That is where you can use video, thanks to the fact that cameras can live-feed to your smartphone or laptop today. No matter where you are, hop into your feed and make sure your data and goods are safe.

Use Chat Software

Email is dead. Well, that might not be entirely true. However, it is undoubtedly being surpassed by more popular platforms that let you send data, images, text, and messages instantly. You can even do video or voice calls over wifi.

Make a Policy on Using Office Amenities

If you’ve ever been a kid and your parents left you home alone for a night out, then you know the feeling of being able to do whatever you want. This isn’t always the case with mature employees, but some might take advantage and try to blast the AC, leave lights on, or do other costly and irresponsible things. Make your expectations for behavior clear to all employees, so they don’t take advantage of your absence.

Assign Roles

You should have someone in charge of things to replace you in person when you’re gone. Of course, you or your manager of the office is in control still, but in the absence of that, you need measures that ensure things get done. Give employees responsibility over specific tasks, and hold them accountable for seeing them completed.

When it comes to getting the most out of your team, there are a lot of strategies that were necessary years ago. However, in today’s day and age with technology taking the forefront, you can leverage these tools to check in on employees and make sure they are meeting your goals. So use the five tips above and start having more peace of mind when you’re out of the office.

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