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8 Ways to Drive your Business Growth Exponentially

8 Ways to Drive your Business Growth Exponentially

There are many different ways to drive your business growth. You want your business to stand out, and you want to build a powerful brand that will leave an impression on potential client, whether you are a global company, an online enterprise, or a local business.

Utilize Social Media

One of the very best ways to market your business is through social media. Social media is a very powerful and modern tool that will get your company out there and will get it known. Social media can get your company to where your customers are. Many people are connected through various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and that is where you want to showcase your company.

Facebook is a great platform, since so many people are on it and it is a particularly easy platform to share recommendations on. Facebook makes it easy for customers to connect with you and your company and is a great way to share information. Plus, it is a gateway to many new potential customers if you are tagged in posts. In fact, 72% of consumers regard and trust online reviews as much as recommendations from people in person according to Search Engine Land. According to Dimensional Research, a whopping 90% of consumers say that online reviews that are positive have a big influence on their decision to buy and 68% of consumers prefer to go to social networking sites to gain access to product reviews according to Vocus.

Get to Know Your Customer

Listening to the types of questions that your customers are asking will tell you a lot about your customer base. You’ll learn what they need and what they’re looking for in a business that offers they types of products or services you provide. You should also try to anticipate the kinds of questions people will ask about your business and be prepared to answer them so that you appear to be capable and competent.

Engage Regularly

When posting to social media sites to engage with your clients, you should keep a steady flow coming. Aim for at least one post every couple of weeks and try to make your posts helpful, since these types of posts tend to attract more traffic. The best social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook are churning out about 5 posts a week or about one a day. Instagram and Snapchat will put out 1-20 times a day.

There are many tools that you can use to promote your business on social media, such as Hootsuite and Social Jukebox. These platforms will help promote your posts and will save you a lot of time, since they’ll actually automate the steps to promote your business. MailJet and Mailchimp are great for promotions and email newsletters.

 Separate Your Business Page from Your Personal Page

You should have a business page on Facebook that is separate from your personal page because it is more professional. It will make your brand stand out and will give you better search engine optimization, which ultimately means more traffic.

Your blog post should be interesting enough to grab the attention of your readers and thus potential buyers. You want your blog post to be on the longer side and be sure to include plenty of pictures to keep things interesting. Try to aim for 800-1,500 words with an image every 200-300 words. Posts that are 800-1,200 words get the most shares and posts that are about 2,500 words tend to do the best in regards ranking in search results.

Have the Right Mindset

It is important to have the right mindset when trying to make your business a success. The 10x mindset is all about seeking out every available opportunity that will help your company to grow by 10x, and avoiding anything that does not contribute to that level of success. You can learn more about this effective method here.

You also want to turn your mindset into an active mindset and set things in motion. You should try to find three things every 90 days that are preventing you from becoming successful and then work to overcome or eliminate those roadblocks.

Strengthen Your Strengths

Hone in on your strengths and make them even stronger, and then try to develop new skills and acquire new talents that would be beneficial in your line of work.

Network to Up Your Growth

You will need to decide what else you can do to promote your business and to ensure your success. Network and talk to other business owners to see what has helped them to become so successful. You will most likely get a good response if you approach businesses that you will not be competing with, however. So, if you are in the cosmetics business, approach a cosmetics business that is local to another area that you will not be competing directly with for sales.

Protect Your Business

Don’t forget to protect your business as well and get some easy business liability insurance. Having it will ensure that you are covered as far as liability goes. It will also cover you in any incidents that would make the business products liable for any reason. You can make sure that you are covered against personal injury, product liability, money coverage, and you can even cover the tools of your trade for good measure. While having insurance won’t necessarily help your business grow, it can prevent it from losing money and stalling your company’s growth due to an expensive lawsuit or claim against your business that isn’t covered.

You want to scale your business, protect your business, and keep networking, and promoting your brand. Those are the keys to gaining a very successful and well-known business.

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