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Equipment Modernization: When and Why You Should Modernize

Equipment Modernization: When and Why You Should Modernize

Equipment, like everything else begins to deteriorate over a period. As it nears its expiration date, its systems change, and it can no longer be reliable and safe for the workers using it. You can either choose to sell used machinery, buy new equipment, or consider modernization of your equipment by replacing the outdated/damaged parts with  current modern technology-driven parts.

The equipment is the heart of the manufacturing unit. With technology changing at a dramatic pace, it is important that your facility has a modern infrastructure to support cloud or Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. However, old machinery doesn’t have the bandwidth to support such high-tech demands. It is therefore imperative that your used equipment is upgraded or modernized to meet the demands of a modern facility. The equipment modernization process is simple and less costly than a complete replacement. So, whether your equipment needs repairs or if it is not meeting your requirements, you would be able to fix quite a lot of issues through modernization of it.

Reasons Why You Should Modernize Your Used Equipment

  • If your equipment is deteriorating to the level that you are experiencing unscheduled shutdowns, you may incur high production costs.
  • If you have old machinery, some of the parts may have become obsolete. That means you would have to pay more for spare parts which can also result in long lead times.
  • Used equipment may show excessive wear or even non-compliance with current safety standards and practices.

When you decide to modernize your equipment, your production should increase at faster-operating speeds with better controls or automation. Let us look at the benefits that could be brought about through the timely modernization of equipment

Ensures the Plant Functions Smoothly

Downtime for a few hours in a plant can cost your company thousands of dollars. Companies cannot afford to bear the loss of unplanned downtime. This makes it all the more important for a plant to have reliable systems to function smoothly. Modern equipment is up to date with the latest technologies and therefore, unlike old equipment, it is more efficient in eliminating the faults.

Ensures the Safety of Your Workers

Modern equipment is laced with exceptional added features like compact formats, space-age materials, and digital trip units that ensure the safety of your workers. The equipment has the capacity to withstand high fault current without shutting down the system. This reduces the risk to your workers.  Modernized equipment also allows plants to stay in compliance with National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements, and National Electrical Code (NEC).

Saves Costs Associated with Space Reconfiguration

By modernizing equipment, the existing switchgear’s footprint is maintained and no space reconfiguration is required, thus saving millions of dollars. Upgrading equipment works well with tight operating budgets, as it extends the life of the existing equipment.

Parts Are More Readily Available

Most of the manufacturers working with old equipment have to stop their production whenever their worn-out equipment needs maintenance. A lot of time and money is wasted in procuring spare parts for the older models. Since they are old, the spare parts are difficult to find. This is not the case with modern equipment. Spare parts are easily available, thus making upgrades and repairs affordable, feasible and less time-consuming.

Integrates the Latest Technology

Plant managers can make smart decisions by embracing new technology. Integrating modernized equipment that facilitates cloud and IoT connectivity ensures smooth operations. This provides a better understanding to manage and maintain critical systems to avoid unplanned downtime.

You should understand the consequences your facility may encounter if you procrastinate on the modernization of equipment. It’s high time you scrutinize the current condition of your plant’s equipment and make smart choices to maximize the reliability and safety of your plant, while adopting new technology to make things better.

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