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Unexpected Benefits of Using Instagram for Your Business

Unexpected Benefits of Using Instagram for Your Business

At this point, you are probably well aware of how Instagram (IG) can be a powerful platform for creating engaging visual content for your business. You have likely seen Instagram photos on other social media platforms, and may have thought of setting up your own account. With over 800 million active users, IG has already caught attention of many growing brands, both small or large. One of the features that small business owners love about IG is their easy-to-use photo-editing tools.

Do you think Instagram is worth the effort for your business? Well, if you’re not sure, read on to discover some of the unexpected benefits you may see when you start using IG for your small business.

Best Way to Connect With Customers

Even though most people think about sites like Twitter and Facebook when the topic of engaging and connecting with customers arises, you might be surprised to know that IG has the most active and engaged user base. One report has already claimed that IG generates 120 times more engagement per follower when compared to Twitter. That engagement can be increased when you use a service such as Like4Like to gain more followers.

With higher engagement, IG is perfect platform to connect to customers, listen to their feedback, and build relationships through conversations with customers. You can further use this platform to share photos of new products and ask people’s opinions. You can also give followers sneak peeks of new projects and see if they have any input to offer.

Learn What People Think About Your Brand

You might not realize it, but audience members may already be sharing photos and talking about your business on Instagram. This is mainly true if your business has a brick and mortar location where customers visit on regular basis.

Restaurants are the best example of this. People just love sharing photos of their favorite dishes. When a restaurant has an IG account, patrons can share photos they take there and then let their followers know where they are enjoying the meal by tagging you business’s IG account.

Restaurants are not alone in this. People love sharing various images from loads of different locations. Whenever your customers tag your location, they are essentially marketing on behalf of your business.

The best way to check if people are sharing photos of your business location is by snapping a photos of your business and tagging that location. After sharing the photos, you can see a link above it that you can click to check all photos people have shared at that office or store. It is a perfect way to see what people know about your business and what they are most willing to share.

Reach Some New Audiences

IG makes it easy to discover new people, photos, and businesses. One way they find things that are interesting to them is by using hashtags. Similar to other social platforms, when someone includes hashtags in a post on Instagram, a link will be created. You get the chance to view all photos that have been shared under that same hashtag. The best hashtags to use when posting on IG for your small business are ones that are related to your business that have a large following base. The most frequently used hashtag in the town in which your business is located would be a great choice to make.

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