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5 Content Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

5 Content Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Are you concerned about committing a content marketing blunder that might sabotage your marketing efforts? Well, you are not alone. I’ve made all these mistakes and most likely will continue to make some once in a while. So, I’m here to talk about my hard-learned lessons. I am going to list 5 content marketing mistakes small businesses make.

Beating Your Own Drum

The whole point of content marketing is to be informative first and promote second. Preferably, you don’t talk about yourself or your company until the call to action at the bottom of the post or article.

Your objective is to educate your visitor on how to resolve a problem and who to reach out to for guidance. If visitors or readers need to know how to adjust a car battery, they should know how to achieve this by the conclusion of the article or blog.

You Don’t Come off as an Expert on the Subject

Whenever you create content for the intention of promoting a product or service, you have to know what you are discussing. If you read a blog post about cricket bats and the author mentioned how they would help you get a Wicket, would you consider that blog? (The answer to that question must certainly be no.) And thus, you have to put forth some extra effort to ensure that that you know what you’re conversing about and seem trustworthy to your market.

Not Producing Evergreen Content

You want your content to offer value both today and a long time into the future. Evergreen content is something that delivers a general outline of a subject or provides facts that are nearly as true 5 years from now as it is today. This means, that going into viral posts or day-to-day news cycle shouldn’t be your primary advertising bases. They’ll only get visitors for a couple of days, and after that, you’re back to the routine of trying to find more viral content. The way marketers should be advertising themselves is by using evergreen content. The truth is, evergreen content leads to the majority of the traffic.

Paying Attention to Quantity More Than Quality

The worst type of blunder marketers do is concentrating on quantity, instead of quality content. There’s this belief that more posts in count are likely to lead to more traffic and more actions. Unfortunately, that’s just not true.

It’s harder and more expensive, but it’s certainly better to have one remarkable, good quality blog post, than a hundred disposable bits that nobody wants to see.

You Aren’t Making use of SEO to Improve Your Marketing Attempts

SEO is the thing that helps you attract traffic and reduces the expenses of customer acquisition work. Then again, SEO is much more than just using keywords or phrases in the expectations of obtaining the top spot in the SERPs. In inclusion to understanding which keywords you are targeting, you have to utilize them frequently throughout your page, which involves using them in meta tags and in meta descriptions.


At this point you know the largest content marketing mistakes the professionals make. Now, you’ll be prepared to prevent them to produce an effective content marketing approach of your very own.

By simply including value-added content, you’ll dramatically raise your possibility of getting on customers’ radar.

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by Abhishek B // Abhishek B is a small business marketing manager at Shetty Marketing. He is skilled in providing effective digital marketing services to small businesses.

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