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Why More Businesses Are Moving to Instagram

Why More Businesses Are Moving to Instagram

Is your business on Instagram, the most growing social media platform in the world? If not, then you are missing out on some great benefits that many companies are already leveraging. Most businesses can market their brand and boost their sales without directly selling through the platform. Companies are creating awareness of their brand through engagement with their users in a different way that Twitter and Facebook can’t offer; with pictures only. Users are more interested in using Instagram and businesses are using visuals to interact with their audience. Here are six reasons why businesses are moving to Instagram:

Create Trust with Your Audience

Social media has designed itself for consumers to, well, consume. These platforms comprehend that making the main users happy will create consistent growth and customer loyalty. When it comes to businesses, the question is, how do they take advantage of this? The answer is to build communities and form long-lasting and strong relationships that are advantageous in numerous ways.

In audience engagement, Instagram is able to work great with all kinds of branded content. Generation of positive engagement enables a brand to create a trusting bond. As a result, you can establish an emotional connection with your target audience, making the brand humane, which assists in creating more sales.

Generate More Engagement

Instagram is famous for helping brands to create more engagement. It has proven that it’s possible to use the right content to generate high levels of engagement. According to Forbes, Instagram is the most valuable social media platform that produces positive engagement. As marketers realize the significance of creating an engaged and robust community via social media, businesses are moving to Instagram. This has led to the growth of Instagram for Business. In comparison to Facebook, Instagram-published content generates 58 times greater engagement per follower. It is 120 times greater engagement in contrast to Twitter.

Additionally, organic reach on Facebook is declining every day. Content on Instagram is reaching most of the followers, and this results in higher engagement. The main reason for this is Instagram’s choice not to prioritize personal over brand accounts. Instagram reveals the content that users like most.

Leverage User-Generated Content

User-generated content refers to content that has been made by like-minded consumers regarding a brand or a product. This content is authentic in the eyes of users, since the brand does not pay for it. According to a study, there is a 50% possibility that millennials will not trust content generated by a traditional source in comparison to user-generated content.

Since youngsters spend at least five hours per day consuming user-generated content, Falcon Digital Marketing confirms that, “Instagram is ideal if you’re trying to reach a young market.” Young people who comprise most of the internet tend to trust this type of content more. Therefore, user-generated content is typical to Instagram and brands are leveraging it effectively. Brands are reposting and regramming user-generated content from the accounts of their followers.

User-generated content offers a high level of engagement in the form of comments and likes while making your target audience trust you. This type of engagement can help your brand remain unique from the other content in the main feed. Users can even discover you through the Explore tab.

You Can Enjoy the Benefits of Low Competition

If you intend to market a small or local business online, then Instagram can work for you since not as many small or local businesses currently have or use Instagram. Hence, in the meantime, you don’t have a lot of competition on the platform. In comparison to Facebook and Twitter, fewer small firms are in competition with each other on Instagram. According to Financial Post, “only 2% of small firms have an active Instagram account.” This offers these businesses a competitive edge when it comes to new business and brand exposure. Hence, a company can achieve a high return on investment (ROI) on Instagram. Share the correct visuals to make your target audience notice you, and create more business. Whatever kind of business you operate, there is a high chance your target audience is on Instagram.

Create Brand Awareness

Instagram has more than 800 million users who are active and willing to form relationships with the right businesses. According to research, 35% of the users on Instagram were active throughout the day as they logged in numerous times. More than 50% ensure they look into their news feed once or more times in a day. The platform, therefore, offers a chance to form brand awareness.

Genuine companies that want to build a brand do not require the missing feature of inserting links into their posts. The majority of successful businesses on Instagram are aware that they cannot promote or sell their services or products directly. No one likes seeing promotional or heavily branded content. Many people even tend to ignore or skim over pictures that look too promotional. Successful businesses focus on offering relevant, unique, and exciting visuals to their target audience.

Work with Facebook

With Instagram, businesses are capturing an audience on Instagram while still retaining their audience on Facebook. Moreover, you can link your Instagram account to your Facebook business page. Therefore, if Facebook users who like your page are on Instagram, they can find you there, and your brand can connect with them, maintaining awareness of the brand and customer loyalty while spending less. Businesses have nothing to lose by using Instagram for their marketing. If anything, they are gaining more by expanding their reach to the market.

Helping you create trust with your audience, generate more engagement, assisting you to leverage user-generated content, enabling you to enjoy benefits of low competition, create brand awareness, and working alongside Facebook are some of the reasons why more businesses are moving to Instagram. Using Instagram for business will not only give you more business, but it will also create a valuable emotional connection with your target audience.

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