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9 Best Social Media Trends to Enhance Your Business in 2019

9 Best Social Media Trends to Enhance Your Business in 2019

Social media has always created a sensation among the people even for the smallest things. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the most popular channels to build a relationship with the audience and get closer to them to promote your brand to increase engagements. The bonus with social media platforms is that they are available with a built-in analytics mechanism that collects relevant data for each and every user that can become a potential client in the future.

You can use social media in multiple ways to enhance your business opportunities. This is not a new trend and we have already seen so many lucrative opportunities that social media offered to various brands in 2018. Let’s look at some of the latest trends that you can use in your business strategy to augment your business gains in 2019.

Streamline Content

There are a lot of marketers out there that believe that stuffing your brand’s social media pages with loads of content would increase the traffic and ultimately, better rates of lead conversions. When there are so many brands that are available with the similar content, how would you attract the audience to your social media page? You must showcase your key brand differentiators via your social media handles with impactful content to attract the customer’s attention in the first place. If you take the example of Amazon, the company saw approximately 30% increase in its sales during its second fiscal quarter in 2018 by using the mode of personalized data for their customers. With the effective use of data analytics, encourage your designers and writers to create better-personalized content that successfully touches all your customer’s requirements.

Answer With Chatbots

This trend has been successfully putting out lucrative opportunities for many brands since past couple of years. You must make it a point to make complete usage of this medium to bolster your customer base. These chatbots are quick to respond, private and user-friendly, all the things that the customers look forward to while visiting the social media platforms to seek assistance. It helps you to compile all the important business data in one place and close the gap with the customers and initiate real-time engagements with them. Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are some of the very famous examples of chatbots that created increased business opportunities for these brands.

Use Videos

The game of video content will only get better and better with the passing years. Make an optimum use of it on social media platforms to upscale your business. Video content has been grossing strongly among the audience and it offers better clarity to the viewers about any topic and receives a positive response. You can also use Facebook’s reporting feature to get a better idea about how much your video content is doing in contrast to your competitors. With the better use of mobile integration of these social media channels and great internet connectivity, you are sure to get a great bulk of traffic. So, be prepared with authentic and impactful video content in 2019 to get a better hand on your customer engagement.

Make Mobile-Friendly Content

Is your social content accessible from any gadget and medium? Does it respond the way your customer desire? Nowadays, customers prefer to search everything and anything from the comfort of their own mobile. They want everything on the tip of their finger touch when it comes to social media platforms. Make your content mobile friendly because there are many social media channels that are fast turning to become mobile-oriented, such as Facebook. It has been declared by tech gurus that by 2020, more than half of the current Facebook users will use it solely on their mobiles.

 Better Marketing With Influencers

There is a sure shot way to get better returns on your investments with social media marketing endeavors that are initiated by influencers. Make it a point to motivate your influencers in the right direction to get greater traffic on all your social media platforms with blogs, video content and PR. If you take a look at Netflix India, notice how it has slowly started gaining recognition in the Indian market. That has been made possible by roping in Indian comedians and YouTubers that create a connection with the target audience and therefore, better opportunities towards brand building.

Integrate Augmented Reality

It is the future of social media brand promotions. It leaves a significant impact on the users that make way for them to understand your brand philosophy in a better way. It has been speculated that the markets of augmented reality and virtual reality will surpass the mark of $298 billion by 2023. It is pretty clear that AR will shape the future of social media trends. AR lets your customers test the products and services (cosmetics and lifestyle) before buying that offers your brand a leeway to generate better sales. AR-driven social media content shall enhance the levels of interactions with the customers that would open new platforms of business development opportunities for your brand.

Incorporate Live Streaming

There are many social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr that are promoting the use of live streaming video for better customer engagement experience. Tech Gurus have predicted that the market of live streaming will cross the mark of $70.9 billion by 2021. Nowadays, customers want to stay updated with every piece of news on the first-hand basis. You can increase your customer engagement by adding live stream events, Q & A videos, news and live streaming of your new product launches (such as the case with mobiles and cars) to build your brand value proposition and customer base.

Take a Socially-Conscious Stand

To make your brand recognized and acknowledges among the wider circle of the online audience, incorporate a socially conscious approach in your social media marketing promotions. For example, the renowned brand, Nike, mostly touches and promotes those topics that require social attention and impactful actions. Issues of unemployment, poverty, and education are some of the segments that are integral to the development of society. Create your social media campaigns that effectively manage to give voice to such sensitive issues that create a level of trust within the audience towards your brand.

Focus on the Next Generation

Generation Z or the next generation is ready to enter the competition and they are the most viable section of the audience because they have money to spend. Focus on this group of audience in 2019. There are many online retail stores that are available with the latest fashion trends based on changing weathers, styles, and age to attract the customers and offer them a better-personalized experience. Since Generation Z has been born and brought up in an era when technology spurted, it wouldn’t be much work for your brand to scale your business opportunities based on it.

It was all about personalizing the customer’s experience in 2018. In 2019, enhance the user experience by incorporating these immersive technologies in your social media endeavors to get better customer response and better opportunities for your business growth.

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