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Make Your Instagram Account Work for You

Make Your Instagram Account Work for You

Have you ever wondered why some people or companies are popular on Instagram without seeming to possess any virtue or anything extraordinary that would make them stand out of the crowd? Meanwhile, others who do outstanding work, with interesting content and attractive photos can’t get even get 1000 followers? Why do some enjoy huge popularity and make money while others do not?

You may be thinking that e first group just has a better product or offers a better service. But the answer more likely resides in the fact that they use all the opportunity that Instagram offers in conformity, in combination with a highly developed marketing strategy.

Do you use GIFs in your Direct Messages for business conversations? Do you watch the statistics of how many people have shared your post through Direct Messages? Do you respond quickly to messages? Do you use special tools to automate the routine promotion work?

If the answers to these questions were “no”, you definitely need this article.


Don’t disregard Instagram Stories. For several years, the engagement for posts on Instagram has been gradually decreasing, and users are gradually switching to Stories.

People rely on Stories heavily to warm their audience up. As you build your account with viral methods, it makes sense to show your face there from time to time and “show off” a bit. In addition, with the help of swipe-ups, you can offer people something for free (just once), hold competitions, and add links to other social media account (that will be helpful to your sales revenue). All of this can encourage engagement and loyalty from your audience, and consequently, it will boost your ratings.


It does make sense to pay special attention to stickers – after all, they motivate people to act. Use questions, countdowns, and links, but do not limit yourself only to these things. Create branded stickers. This can be done within the Giphy service (but only after profile verification).

Direct Messages

Contemporary users are concerned about their privacy more than ever, and Instagram made a concession there. It has now become more enjoyable to communicate in Direct, as it is explicit which users are online and you can exchange GIFs. Video communication and quick answers have been developed as well. All of this allows companies to sell their products via DM with higher margins.

Instagram Shopping

Recently, Instagram has expanded the possibilities for shopping. Companies can now add links to their Bio and Stories (swipe up). If you still haven’t tried it, do it now!

The platform develops e-commerce regulations at a fast speed, so now is the time to start examining the offered possibilities in order to discover the most powerful means of attracting customers to your business.

AR for Stories

Yes, we again return to Stories.

The use of augmented and virtual reality tools in everyday life is rapidly gaining popularity. It may sound futuristic, but in fact, you are already familiar with AR firsthand if you have ever used Instagram masks. They allow users to create a fun and unforgettable experience that makes this social network function as an effective marketing tool.

Already now, influencers and brands can create their own filters. You too can enhance your brand awareness this way.

Instagram Automation

Using the above tools and methods won’t promise you fast account growth. You still need to turn to account manager. So if you are good at selling via Stories and via DM, but not good at growing your account as quickly as you’d like, we come to the final stage: Instagram automation tools.

These tools offer a perfect opportunity to grow your audience quickly, without losses. If you think that growing your audience organically is much better because of safety and engagement principles, you underestimate the effectiveness of automation tools. Thanks to their improving algorithms and artificial intelligence, these tools enable top-quality account management. Each Instagram bot is unique, but there is some common instrumentation, such as auto like, auto follow, auto unfollow, even auto direct messages, which we mentioned above. Moreover, each of these tools is distinguished by its own schticks, like hashtag generator, auto posting, and so on.

No doubt, there are many more recommendations on how to make your Instagram account produce a desirable results. But these are the most relevant ones at the moment.

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by Harvey Carr // Harvey Carr is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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