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The Eco-Friendly Guide for Business Growth

The Eco-Friendly Guide for Business Growth

Being a business in the current economy is already difficult without the pressure to be an eco-friendly company that puts being green first. However, more and more consumers are expecting their chosen businesses to follow eco-friendly and sustainable practices that ensure they are doing their part for a greener planet, and not causing more harm in the name of profit. If you are a business currently undergoing a period of growth, make sure that you keep sustainability in mind. Ensure that this extends to the new parts of your business and remains consistent even after a period of rapid development.  

Need some inspiration to ensure your business growth remains eco-friendly? We’ve put together the following advice to support your business development.

Green Property 

Maintaining property is usually one of the greatest costs of a business. When you consider the energy required to power the building, from lights to heating, this can be the largest contribution to not being green. While it’s difficult to compromise on the building you move into, you can control the types of energy you use. Opting for green energy that utilizes solar and wind power, over harmful fossil fuels.  

The best example of a true eco-friendly building is the Edge, based in Amsterdam. This incredible piece of architecture is one of the most innovative office buildings in the world. It offers schedule-based seating and the highest-rated sustainability score to ever be awarded to a building–98.4%. 

Sustainable Distribution 

Shipping products nationally or internationally will always incur some ‘carbon spending.’ However, there are many ways to reduce the impact your distribution methods have on the planet. Rather than rely on gas-guzzling semi-trucks, reach out to a logistics firm that utilizes greener engines and electrical trucks that produce less harmful wastes. When shipping internationally, consider working with a shipbroker or shipbroking company that provides access to global distribution on a greener scale rather than relying on air travel, which is one of the largest contributors to unsustainable travel. Look here for more information on shipbroking and how it can benefit companies looking to ship long distances.   

Eco-Friendly Production 

If you are a manufacturer, going green can seem like an expensive process that requires higher-quality, eco-friendly materials. However, consumer studies and surveys have shown that over half of consumers (55%) would be willing to pay more for decent, eco-friendly products. Additionally, as many as 52% of consumers regularly check packaging to check for sustainability and environmentally friendly promises. Most importantly, consumers can quickly find out when a company is lying about their eco-friendliness, which can have a hugely negative backlash from communities. If you are a business striving to become greener, be honest and transparent with your consumers. Let them know the worst-performing parts of your business and how you are hoping to change them to be kinder to the environment.  

Planet-Friendly Disposables 

If you can’t renovate your manufacturing process to be greener, you might be better off finding sustainable ways for your products to be disposed of. Examples include incorporating recycled or recyclable materials or finding a use for your products after they have served their purpose. While plastic bottles can often be recycled, there are plenty of schools and nurseries that make use of these to teach the children to recycle and get hands-on with some recycled arts and crafts materials. Additionally, there are many companies that have already utilized some greener disposable methods for their by-products, such as shredding cardboard for packing materials.  

When you run a business, it quickly becomes your entire world. You still need to be aware of the world that surrounds your business and keeps it going. Be excited for your business growth, but also be responsible. Not only will you win over the hearts of consumers looking for an eco-friendly business, but you’ll soon be looking for other ways to encourage greener practices.  

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

Opinions expressed by contributors are their own.