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5 Technologies That Are Worth Investing in During 2020

5 Technologies That Are Worth Investing in During 2020

Technology can benefit a business of any size in a countless number of ways, but with new and emerging technologies lending themselves well to organization and efficiency, which do you invest in first? In this article, we have listed five technologies that are worth investing in to better your business in 2020.

AI For Customer Service

Though AI can be implemented in a number of ways within a business, it is most commonly found in customer service. With automated replies as well as chatbots that can be implemented. This AI technology can save your business time as well as provide customers with an instant response to a question or provide information on a specific department. The customer can then be redirected to the relevant department and can be dealt with quickly by the right member of the team.

Blockchain Technology

Another technology worth investing in that can help to revolutionize your business in 2020 is blockchain technology. Whether you decide to use it to streamline your hiring process or use it to record and monitor online orders from your e-commerce store, this can help to segment different orders and keep track of spending. This technology will also help to protect your business against security threats as it encrypts data in such a way that allows all information to be stored securely. In addition to this, this system stresses each transaction with its own dash, which can benefit businesses as this ensures that every payment is accounted for and stored safely.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is also worth investing in 2020 as it can help to streamline a number of business processes as well as ensuring constant connectivity. This online cloud storage has the ability to connect you to programs such as Dropbox or Google Drive or a set of lights that can be controlled from your phone, which will help to create a business environment that can be controlled with ease.

Voice Technology

In addition to the Internet of things, investing in voice technology for the office space can also help to create the perfect modern office. Whether this is voice control of the thermostat or a Google device for switching the lights on and off, this can all help to create an efficient working environment with a modern twist. Though this can take time to work into your office space, it will help to increase efficiency as well as modernize your business.

5G Connectivity

The final technology worth investing in is 5G technology. With increased connectivity as well as faster speeds, there are many companies that prefer this mobile connectivity over their traditional Wi-Fi connection. This is particularly beneficial for small businesses as it provides them with faster connectivity in the long term and allows them to compete with a much larger business.

With this in mind, there are a number of ways that you can benefit your business with the right investment in technology. Which will you be choosing to invest in first?

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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